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    Fresh Sushi

    Hey all

    Got out midweek for a quick fish, hoping for some Snaps but ended up being a day for Pelagics.Started off around Wello point with the trolling board and picked up a few Schoolies around 60cms. Headed out into the bay a bit further and found the conditions quite average..I was expecting it to be a bit calmer but persisted anyway.

    I was pretty quiet and I had a couple of live baits out - one small Pike and one Herring hooping for a big Snap or a Jew. There were a few bust ups happening that gradually got closerer and then my first rod went off it's tits, followed about 10 seconds by the other rod - quite a common occurance when I fish solo for some reason.....

    I had to choose between the two and tighend the drag on the second until it snapped off so I could get the first fish in - it was fighting real lweird and i was not quite sure what it was until I got it close and saw it was a Longtail that was tail wrapped. Quite a different way of fighting them - they have so much power and tail wrapped it is a completely different fight - like fighting a very angry and fast Stingray would be the best way to describe it.

    Finally got it up to the boat, struggled to find the gaff buried under the transom and got a shot in to get it onboard. Sushi and Sashimi time!
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    Re: Fresh Sushi

    1m thats a good size fish do u think the second rod had another long tail on it?

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    Re: Fresh Sushi

    Gazza - Yep pretty sure it would have been another one

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    Re: Fresh Sushi

    Great day.
    Thanks for the report.

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