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Thread: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

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    Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Been get a few little fellas lately. A few barra but mostly king threadfin.

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    I don't know if anybody has used these measuring mats but they're pretty good.

    Attachment 121935Attachment 121936Attachment 121934

    Softgaff mats from SA. Roll up so no lumps/crinkles. Compact. Measures to 1500mm. No advertising cluttering it. Each mat has a serial number for i/d (middle image).

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Well that's a good idea never thought of using a brag mat to measure fish before we must be a bit backwards down this way your far more advanced up rocky way.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    With the increasing size of fish in the net free zone here, there's been pressure on the fishing comp organisers to come up with some decent measuring mats. The old ones of 1200mm became too short particularly for king threadfin. Something like 35% of the threadies caught in last year's comp were over 1200mm. Some of the barra are too these days.

    Barra Jack's in Rocky has been most amenable to the suggestion since the discussion started about 2 years ago.

    Now, Steve Pill of BJ's has done something about it.

    If you want a decent brag mat measuring up to 1600mm (1.6m) that isn't covered in superfluous advertising or info, get onto Steve at barra Jack's Rockhampton.

    He's gone out on a limb a bit for the locals but I think that there might be a bit of interest elsewhere as well.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Couple of threadfin king in last couple of days (and nights).

    Explains Barra Jack's reasons for bigger brag mats. (in middle of town CBD at night).

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Fishing comp on in the CQ NFZ at the moment.

    No metre barra on fitst day but 6 or so in the 90s.

    King threadie @ 134cm. 7-8 over metre.

    Results board a bit basic.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Substitute for barra in closed season.

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    Here's a nice 82cm Fingermark (golden snapper) from the mouth of Fitzroy. Pulled a bit was comment from fisherman, Reece.

    Now that barra season is closed, threadfin king, fingermark and grunter are the go in the river and estuary. Plenty around.

    $10,000 tagged threadfin king to be released in Fitzroy in next couple of weeks. 2 tagged king with first one caught getting the $10,000.

    Details on here in near future.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

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    New. Thompson's Point boat ramp about 17 km upstream of mouth of Fitzroy.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

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    Anybody coming this way with border openings.

    Boat ramps 1,2 and 3 are operating ramps in or near town.

    Ramp 4 is Port Alma ramp (operating at moment).

    Ramp 5 (Thompson's Point) is under construction now (see previous photos) with expected opening early 2021. Old army gravel ramp working though. Ramp cost @ $2 million.

    Ramp 4 (Port Alma) is within blast danger zone for cracker boats loading explosives at main wharf and will be closed permanently for that reason.

    But not yet.

    Obtained assurances that Port Alma ramp wont be closed until BOTH upstream ramps (Nos 6 and 7) are operating. Cost of Nos 6 and 7 combined @ $8 million.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    4 king threadfin up to 90cm overall length yesterday (Port Alma area) on threadybuster soft vibes.

    All tagged and released.

    Be careful releasing these guys if you come across them. King threadfin very susceptible to barotrauma.

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    The $10,000 tagged King Threadfin opportunity in the Fitzroy River is up and running.

    Fishing the Fitzroy | Facebook

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Looks like a couple of guiding businesses in Fitzroy have joined in the tagged king threadfin comp.

    Hooked Fishing Charters | Facebook

    Guided Fishing DownUnder | Facebook

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    Re: Fitzroy R Qld Net Free Zone

    Also BarraJacks in Rocky.

    2 tagged threadies have been released thus doubling the chance of catching 1.

    However, only first tagged threadie gets the $10,000.

    Steve at BarraJacks has done something for somebody who catches the 2nd one AFTER the first one has already been caught. A consolation prize u might say.

    $1000 worth of fishing gear from his shop. Give him a day to put the offer up on his website. Barra Jacks Rockhampton | Facebook

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