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Thread: White spot

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    Re: White spot

    Yeah, tend to agree, I buy fish and Prawns and other odds and ends, but, I refuse to buy anything from OS. Crystal Bay Prawns are pretty good actually, just recently we had some good King Prawns from Coffs Harbour cheap in our local shops, so, there's plenty of Aussie product around to select from.

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    Re: White spot

    I never buy imported prawns either. I have to wonder though, why exactly is it that after the first outbreak that importation wasn’t banned completely from countries that have white spot?

    It must be a big pain in the arse for the foreign exporters too. What would be the fastest/cheapest way to not have to worry about bio security Australia when trying to get approvals for your product to get into Australia? White spot becoming endemic to Australia perhaps? I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory nut job idea. But there’s been far more elaborate industrial/commercial sabotage ploys executed over the years than having an expat or even a local with a whole lot to gain dump a few KG of white spot infected prawns into some local prawn farms.

    This is a multi million/billion dollar industry that could be severely impacted long term. The only upside is to foreign importers.
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    Re: White spot

    Quote Originally Posted by gladfish View Post
    That would seem to confirm the problem is from the prawn farms and not from the wild stock, so it probably isnt from woolies prawns. I am not anti prawn farms by any means, I quite like farmed prawns and it is definitely the future. I just dont believe the story they are selling.
    It's a problem in the system as in the river were the water comes from if there's white spot there then it comes into there ponds and how it got into the river was from contaminated prawns from last time it happened,it was in moreton bay in the early 1960s.

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    Re: White spot

    And now that the arse has dropped out of export market have you noticed quality prawns starting to appear at reasonable prices. I understand the economics of exporting as it does improve our GDP but at the same time maybe we should stop importing what we already produce at a far superior grade.

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    Re: White spot

    Ohh will be interesting to see if there are noticeable effects in wild stocks of prawns and crabs with white spot now detected in the wild.....gee I dont know how it was ever deemed safe to import green prawns ..well actually, having previously dealed with the Biosecurity Queensland department on an number of occasions via importing/exporting plants and seeds and more recently with banana plants, I have generally found them to be an absolutely useless bunch of clowns so unfortunately this outcome to me is really disappointing but not that surprising.....

    Below is them talking about how great they are with their high standards, reviews and science......personally I think the lack of standards and accountibility we have for our public servants as well as the power they wield over us are going to ruin our country...

    About the prawn review

    The prawn review is a biosecurity risk analysis, which is a key part of managing Australia’s biosecurity. We are committed to maintaining high biosecurity standards and only allow trade where the science says it is safe to do so.

    Prawn imports and biosecurity - DAFF (

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