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Thread: Pumicestone Passage 29/3/2020

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    Pumicestone Passage 29/3/2020

    Late start due to rain and family sleeping in.
    Arrived Donnybrook at 0900 with dodgy servo bait( plan was to pump yabbies but tide doesn't wait for slack asses).
    Ran a string of 12 pots along a bank in 5-8m. Let soak for 2.5 hours and did some fishing while we waited. Didn't hold out much hope with the dodgy bait but ended up with a flatty and two small to medium shovel nose rays. Good fun fight. A mate told me they were all right to eat so we kept them.
    Picked the pots up and got 4 XL sized sandcrabs and a handful of just unders that went back for next time. Interestingly there was only one Jenny.
    The rays were easy to fillet but a bit difficult to skin. They were ok to eat but the flesh was a bit soft. Crumbed and shallow fried.
    Very little weed and the ramps were only about half full despite a beautiful day

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    Re: Pumicestone Passage 29/3/2020

    Thanks for the report.

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    Re: Pumicestone Passage 29/3/2020

    We fished the Donnybrook region yesterday and got rained on early but it cleared, we ended up with a 59 and 55 cm flathead, 34 cm bream and a 59cm jackass murwong and a big golden trevally, my wife caught everything bar the trevally just drifting slightly bouncing whitebait set up on a little 3 hook rig, the flathead just didn't go for the plastics yesterday.

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