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Thread: Monduran Fishing Trip

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    Monduran Fishing Trip

    Well set off for a week fishing at Lake Monduran with a mate, well first day we got nothing not even a tap, second day nothing not even a tap, third day got a couple of knocks and my mate hooked a 92cm Barra very fat and also one caught but lost when it jumped out of the water an threw the lure. Fourth and fifth day nothing. We were only trolling about four meters. Next time we will take more Barra lures we were illequiped in lures.

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    Re: Monduran Fishing Trip

    I spent a whole year there one long weekend.

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    Re: Monduran Fishing Trip

    The lake of 10000 casts.


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    Re: Monduran Fishing Trip

    It certainly can run hot and cold. Last time we were there we got 31 fish in three days. Trouble is - 25 were catties lol.

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    Re: Monduran Fishing Trip

    We got onto a hot Cattie bite with the kids. Couldn't even manage a sip of beer in between unhooking and re-baiting until the whole bag of prawns was gone. The sounder looked like a solid bait school


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    Re: Monduran Fishing Trip

    Never fished bait but the catty fishos have a ball on frozen prawns.

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