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Thread: Connecting solar panels

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    Connecting solar panels

    Question for you solar panel gurus.
    Iíve got 2 x 150w solar panels. Same brand but different style. One slim and another glass.
    Had anyone tried connecting two together?

    One would assume output voltage should ideally be matched . And both should have very similar amperage.

    Assuming it can be done. Do I simply connect them both into the 1 regulator? (Is need to buy new regulator)
    Or parallel both panel regulator outputs straight onto my battery? Assuming they both run exact same brand regulator

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    Re: Connecting solar panels

    Can be done but upgrade your regulator to one that can handle the entire array. Hooking smaller regs up in parallel may work but can have them playing games with each other which could lead to overcharging.

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    Re: Connecting solar panels

    Just to add - take a look at the specs for both panels - specifically the voltage specs. If they are the same, hooking them up in parallel into a single reg is the best solution. There is no real issue if they aren't the same - you just lose some efficiency.

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    Re: Connecting solar panels

    The open circuit voltage is the key--they must be identical. If not, and you try to parallel , you have a potential difference and the output current will circulate around the panels. You will end up with a total output likely less than the output of just one of the panels. The panels can be of different make, style, rating--the voltage is the important part. Then run them to a common regulator. I do this myself , it works.

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