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Thread: Fishing Borumba dam

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    Fishing Borumba dam

    It looks like we will shortly be heading to Borumba dam for a few days. Hoping to catch feed of redclaw, and wouldn't mind having a crack at a few fish.

    As I understand, fish caught will be either bass or saratoga.

    We don't have a boat, we built a canoe earlier this year and I am intending to put this in the water and paddle around, hoping to find a few fish.

    I have a few small poppers and stick baits, are they likely to be successful, I would have thought surface lures would be okay for the saratoga, no idea about the bass.

    I also presume that early and late would be the best times, when the boat activity is lowest.

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    Re: Fishing Borumba dam

    You will also get yellas in there. Iíve had reasonable success with spinner baits once the surface activity changes.

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    Re: Fishing Borumba dam

    Thanks Gunna, always wanted to catch a yellowbelly.

    I don't have the benefit of a sounder, I guess fish will be more likely around trees etc.

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    Re: Fishing Borumba dam

    Also on the edges of weed beds.

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