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Thread: Top pocket castnet

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    Top pocket castnet

    Well folks just purchased my first ever top pocket castnet , not that i am unfamilliar with castnets but never a top pocket .
    My question is , there are two stoppers(plastic tube).
    One for the outer top funnel and one for the inner funnel , mind you a couple for each rather than one tube.
    Question being , how far down do you stop the inner funnel or do yous just leave this top opening aka funnel fully open when castnetting for Prawns ??.
    Hope ive asked this question correctly but having a wee ???? In how far to do the inner stops up ??.

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    Re: Top pocket castnet

    when casting you pull the sleeve stopper fully down, closing the top pocket to stop prawns escaping out of the net, is this what you were asking?

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    Re: Top pocket castnet

    No Rob , the inside top funnel with the six cords holding it also has one or more stoppers.
    Want to know leave fully unstopped or adjust ??.

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    Re: Top pocket castnet

    my cast nets are professionally made by steve wagner, the inside top funnel you are talking about is the top pocket, mine are fully unstopped, no need to adjust

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    Re: Top pocket castnet

    Appreciate the feedback , and will leave unstopped.
    Wander why the stopper ??.

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