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Thread: tesla cyber truck

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    tesla cyber truck

    how good is the new cyber truck lads , outruns a porche, outpulls a ford f150, beautifully designed , cheaper to run than a diesel or petrol... elon musk is a champion , naming the company after mr tesla.... i was never a elecky decky but im happy to order one tommorow if i could, now the design was at first like WTF, what is this "back to the future" but after seeing three videos on it , i know i want one.
    who knows what this guy is going to bring out next? ' 'cyber boat ... tesla 250kw outboard etc

    Ok fire away at will....did i mention how beautiful this beast looks Santa you betta deliver mate.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    What I don't get is the styling. Trying to take sales from f truck or RAM buyers with DeLorean looks would not do it I would think. Electric traction will win every time which is why all locomotives are electric (even the diesel ones). Why play a gambit on the styling then?

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    i just saw the tesla pickup concept, much more similar styleling to the near current muscle trucks

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    I think he's thinking ahead when he's on Mars, that looks real ugly on earth but would look the part on another planet.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: tesla cyber truck


    It's not my cup of tea but electric is the future so....


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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    yeah its different, with the three engine option , that gives you 800 HP and 1000 NM of torque. adaptive air suspension and so on. i dont think we will see these in australia any time soon but this might give a fire cracker to other automakers to start fast tracking electric vehicles.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    the three stages of cyber truck.
    i hate it.
    its not to bad
    shut up and take my money... ha ha

    any one else starting to come around .

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    No, but over 250000 truck totin' good old boys have apparently....I would have said he would sell less than a dozen given the market demographic.
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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    Whoever designed it is a massive Halo fan!

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    Be interesting to see what happens to the range when you do tow. The current tesla's roughly gets halved. Not much chop for a 1770 run.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    yeah for the long haul diesel will still be hard to beat, in this big country of ours, and as i believe that hot weather can lesson the charge as well combined with towing would be suited close to base.

    what i find interesting on this is forget the design and looks and so on but the direction of where this is going, the brand name itself , the new demographic its aimed at , this will start a massive push for the electric market competitors to deliver, hopefully cheaper alternatives.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    I donít think this truck is viable for anything close to what you could tow with this thing. Electric motors x 3? Really? So whatís the fording depth? Or will that kill it? Whatís the max tow capacity? When the gen 10 version of this truck can tow a 6 ton boat from Brisbane to 1770 on a single charge Iím interested. Until then itís another Elon Musk hype machine that wonít deliver a profit...... again.
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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    Check out the specs on the Tesla page for the 3 motor AWD. 14000lb tow capacity. 0-100 in 2.9. 500 mile range. Halve that and you close to 1770 one way.

    Even if you halved those performance specs - still pretty impressive.

    I like my diesel, but this sort of project is probably accelerating the electric market to a place most of us need for it to be realistic. I donít see myself signing up for the $150 ďget in line depositĒ. But I think I read 250,000 people have. I wonít be one of them anytime soon, but I can sense at some point, now appearing sooner than I thought, this will be a real option.

    And the prices seem pretty fair relative to what a 200 series cruisers, particularly for newer tech in its infancy.

    I do some work for some developers, charging stations are a normal add in to any quality unit development these dayís.

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    Re: tesla cyber truck

    So how many charging stations you rekon they will install at 1770 for a peak traffic weekend or will it be get in line for everyone to take an hours charge to get home. Sounds like fun. Long way before this is practical in any way in this country. Fuel cell vehicles for sure but for full electric the logistics for regional areas just make it too hard.

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