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Thread: DIY rod supplies

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    DIY rod supplies

    Hi All,
    haven't been on here for a while so its a bit rich asking for advice all of a sudden.
    Anyway, I chopped up almost all of my fishing rods with an angle grinder a little over a week ago. So now I am going to need some new ones.
    While looking into DIY, it appears accessories are readily available but not so for blanks.
    Seems you need to buy blanks online and choose which ones to re-purchase. Or head off to Mo-tackle.
    Am wishing to make a couple spinning rods, trolling rods and jig rods.
    Suggestions of suppliers would be very welcome.
    Also I will pay rod builders for assistance.
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    Re: DIY rod supplies

    Try this place.
    They also have an E-Bay store.


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    Re: DIY rod supplies

    I second what Ed says. Ross at Rodworks provides great service and has pretty much everything that you will need to make any number of rods.

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