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Thread: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

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    2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    Hi gents,

    Just wondering if anyone is keen or already going to 1770 next September, around the dates of the old meet and greet?
    Looking at the dates its a really challenge picking the best tides though there some choices, unfortunately not leading up to a new moon.

    I have crew lined up so it's more of a question as to wether others are considering going for a meet and greet?

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    Re: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    Yep I would be in weather depending of course

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    Re: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    Haven't been to 1770 for about 10 years but headed up for sept 20th to the 30th, hopefully get a few (all 9 would be better) days on the water and few fish on the deck. Always happy to catch up with an Ausfisho or two.

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    Re: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    I’m going to try and make it.... give me something to plan for
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    Re: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    The tides are not really critical up there. Obviously, if you go for a week or more, they will come into play at some stage.

    I always pick the week or two leading up to school holidays, as house rental prices double during school holidays.

    2020 holidays start on 19th September. Full Moon is Wednesday 2nd and New Moon Thursday 17th.

    I like the few days up to and past the Full and New Moons, but not really on the days of those moons. The tides in 2020 leading up to the New are pretty big though.

    Given that, the 11th to the 18th are good for early morning bar crossings.

    The bar is OK 1 hour either side of low tide, at the moment.

    cheers LP

    This year I am going up from the 6th to the 20th... next year looks like 4th to 19th.
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    Re: 2020 Agnes water 1770 trip

    Sounds like theres some interest which is great.
    I have booked into a house from 11th to the 19th. A long way out but looking forward to it.

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