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Thread: Blank supply issues

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    Blank supply issues

    Hi all,
    a long time away from this forum and away from rod building but back with a question. Quite a number of the large suppliers have many of their listed blanks (particularly in the graphite beach rock range) shown as out of stock and have been for quite a while. Any ideas? Also wanted to know who is the supplier/ retailer of Calstar and Hastings blanks? Shows how long Iíve been away from it because only found out last night that GCCR no longer carries them.
    thanks, Mike

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Try Rodworks, they may have some that could be suitable.



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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Many thanks Ed

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Hi Mikeyh, been a while, did you manage to track down some suitable blanks?

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Thanks Ed,
    I followed your suggestion and had a closer look at RodWorks who carry all the FSU...G blanks and I can now see these new Jurassic blanks. Ive purchased a little bit from Ross at Rodworks over the past 6 months and been really happy with the service. I guess I was just surprised after being away for a few years that a number of traditional suppliers seem to have relegated rod building to the back corner so to speak.

    I realise Iím almost going to have to duplicate my beach and rock arsenal into 2 piece rods because the only way Iím going to get back into some proper beach and rock is getting on a plane. To replace my Sportex 3906? 6kg Iím looking at something like MT4144 2 piece, all the FSUís I can build as 2 piece although unsure of the length of the pieces when the 900mm extension is in the butt section. Otherwise Iíll need a suitable replacement for a FSU4120 and 5120 with extensions to around 4m.
    Thanks again Ed

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Hi Mikey, glad to help, you may also want to check out the airline policies and costs regarding transporting fishing rods and tackle as it may become an expensive exercise. It may be considerably cheaper to send your tackle and rods via a courier rather than on a plane. Yep, most shops struggle to compete against the imported rods as it is so much cheaper to buy off the rack, by the time you add in the costs of all the parts and labour, only a small amount of dedicated guys build their own rods nowadays, so the shops aren't willing to going to carry all the different types of blanks and components in their inventory. Just a sign of the times I'm afraid.

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Hi Ed,
    I haven't had rods on a plane for a the past Ive checked out their oversize baggage policies and just turned up with my 7' drain pipe and no problems. Things are probably different now because the airlines are on constant price gouging all the time . I never thought of a courier - can you tell me how this works? I'm unsure of my final destination for next winter but will probably be around SW Rocks. I live way uphere in Townsville so have decided there is no way I am driving because thats more than a week just behind the wheel.

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    Re: Blank supply issues

    Hi Mikeyh, first off check with your airlines just in case I am talking rubbish, get an estimated price for your gear on a trip that you may wish to go on, if it is acceptable price wise, then fine, if not then go online and go to, sign up (free) and put in your dimensions and weight of your rod tube, a carton containing your tackle etc. and get a quote. This link is like a booking company for freight deliveries companies and if you join, you get an extra discount. I have used them in the past for general goods and they seem to be very price competitive.

    You will need to have an address to ship it too, usually a hotel or other accommodation where you are going to stay at, if you know where you will be, ring them up first to see if they will accept your delivery and hold it till you get there.
    Usually it's Courier Please or Fastway give the cheapest quotes but there are others and you need to allow a few extra days to make sure your gear arrives before you need it. They can provide a door to door service. It is a P.I.T.A this way and not taking your gear with you on the plane, but last time I checked was a long while ago and it was pretty expensive.
    This is just a suggestion to save some money, I have seen people bringing surfboards etc. with them flying so it is do-able via plane, just depends on what the airlines charge!

    I did a similar length trip from Caboolture to Melbourne and back just got back a couple of weeks ago, 2 driving days each way of about 10 hours each, but by the time you consider the cost of 1 night accommodation each way, fuel and takeaway food on the road, plus wear and tear on your vehicle and yourself, potential for hitting a large roo or something, you will not save any money, but you will save on hiring a a car down there to get around in. We ended up doing about 5200Km in total. For a couple of weeks trip it might be worth it but for a week, it won't. I was away for about 5.5 weeks so it worked out okay. Had my fishing gear with me but due to changed circumstance I didn't end up even going fishing!


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    Re: Blank supply issues

    thanks Ed again for your timely and detailed've got some great ideas. I'll definitely check this out closer to the time because its an option I was unaware of. This way as well, I don't have to spend hours agonising about what to take, what not......and then getting there realising you left xyz at home.

    Many moons ago I probably would have done the drive but not now, and in this country. Last year I drove across the US...had days of 600 miles in 8 hours. Try that here with our dreadful roads and constant lengthy delays from roadworks. I just hope I can pull off this trip next winter because except for a short trip to Rainbow Beach a few years back, I haven't been (proper) beach and rock fishing since I came here 20 years ago. Sad I know.

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