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Thread: Toyota 2.8L motors

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    Toyota 2.8L motors

    It looks like there may be a class action against Toyota in regards to the 2.8l motors with the DPF fitted (2015 onwards).

    After regrettably buying a new Hilux last year I'm still hoping that Toyota can sort the issue out cause getting 14.5l/100km is getting a bit much and 18.6l/100km on the beach is ridiculous.
    A mates v8 Sahara with a fuel leak had the same fuel economy towing a jet ski as my 4 cylinder pusslux.

    Enough whingeing from me but has anyone else had issues with this motor?

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Wow crap economy, my dmax gets 14.5 towing 2.4 ton , matty
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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    We recently swap all our company Hiluxes and Fortuners for anything that isn't Toyota.
    The boys were doing weekly trip back and sitting at the dealership 2-4 hrs to get a regen done. It was getting out of hand with lost productivities. Crazy part is the trade in we got for these 18-24 months vehicles were pretty average, no better than a Kia.
    So much for unbreakable and resales.
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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Yeah i got offered 39k last week for a 6 month old car.

    Have been playing around with bluetooth obd2 scanner and a app on my tablet and can now do a manual dpf burn and fuel economy is good for about 100km then creeps back after that.

    Am seriously thinking about removing dpf and putting it back on when i sell it in 3 years.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    No issues what so ever here. Get about 7.5-8.0L per 100km on the highway and about 12.5L per 100km towing about 1.8t of boat and trailer.


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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    pretty common complaint with anything Toyota these days.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Quote Originally Posted by Lachie1 View Post
    No issues what so ever here. Get about 7.5-8.0L per 100km on the highway and about 12.5L per 100km towing about 1.8t of boat and trailer.

    Lachie what car is that?

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    2016 Hilux

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Have you had the update done Marto?
    I have a 2018 manual with lift, canopy, bull bar and get 9l per 100.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Yeah i had it done just before Christmas.

    The update makes the burns hotter and more frequent.

    I know mine is doing a burn every 200km now and the temps are reaching up to 700'C.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    We have a few at work too. Complete pieces of shit. We have had a terrible run with them. The worst part is the dealers treating us like we know nothing. Our high kilometre mainly highway usage ones which were towing (usually the best conditions for a DPF) were the worst but Toyota didn't want to know about what we had found. Finally getting manual burnoff buttons installed after 3 years of pissing around.
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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    Apparently the latest software update is meant to include a button and a light on the dash when doing a burn but only if you ask for it.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    But. The manual button does not allow you do a burn when you want too. You can only do a manual burn when the computer let's you.

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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    I've been playing with a bluetooth obd2 scanner and a app on my tablet that lets me monitor the dpf% and exhaust temps plus heaps of other meaningless crap but i have installed a manual burn button.

    One thing I have noticed is that after doing a manual burn my fuel usage is at about 10l/100km for the first 100km but jumps up to the normal 14.5l/100km after that with the dpf at 50% full and filling quickly.

    The normal everyday burn only seems to bring the dpf down to 4 or 6% full while the manual burn completly clears it to 0%.

    Why Toyota didn't just go with the ad blue like most of the other diesels on the market is beyond me.

    Photo attached of data on app and dpf burn button. Note the dpf is at 90% full (top left icon) after 190km of mainly city driving and the Hilux is seriously lacking in power at the moment.


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    Re: Toyota 2.8L motors

    I love it when people put up insanely good eco figure. For us, just getting the things to go is a priority. We have in the past ten years would turn over close to 300 Hiluxes, so we know our eco figures. We have propietry software that logs the fleet fuel consumption of both Hiluxes and cruisers.
    Anyway back to topic, highway speed does not help with DPF issue, if it does, it must be so minimal. We have no idea, Toyota obviously don't also. I think its going to get alot uglier (courts/Recall/buy back) before they sorts it out probably not within the current model cycle.
    When you pay $50k plus for a car, it should just work, without some aftermarket mob drilling and installing adhoc devices in the hope it work.
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