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Thread: Camping Ideas

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    Camping Ideas

    Hi All,

    Just got back from a few days camping on the beach with the family and we've realised we need to get more organised.We're after some ideas on what others do for storage, how do you pack and transport your food, clothes, beers etc. Does anyone have any good packing tips? We have a Prado with pioneer platform, with the swag, surfboards, rods, weber and gas bottle up there things start getting tight.

    Was looking at the front runner storage boxes anyone have anything similar?
    Can anyone recommend any compact beach chairs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Camping Ideas

    I do a lot of boat based camping so I try to use tote boxís wherever possible for ease of handling.... the Montgomery 60lt & 100lt (Bunnings) are light , quite strong , stackable (the base locks into the lid) and good value at <$20. I use 1 for food , another for cooking gear , another for camping stuff like pegs ropes lighting , power leads etc . .... even have one for sleeping gear . All up depending on the trip I could take 4-6 totes.
    these are generally dry because of the lip..... so I can zip tie the lids down and throw them in the boat for the trip away. When empty stack them inside each other.

    The key key is to buy better quality totes ..... not those clear flimsy boxes . 100lt box is ideal and to date have been going strong for the last 6 or 7 years.

    If you want to use your roof racks then it is probably best to go with pelican type boxes due to the sealing and strength. The problem though is that they are heavier so probably best for your lighter things.

    chairs .... Iím yet to find a good lightweight collapsing chair that is suitable for a 100 kilo plus bloke.

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    Re: Camping Ideas

    Thanks Chris, that sounds good I'll check those boxes out.

    I have found some chairs - The Go Chair. Folds up to the size of a water bottle still doing crowd funding but the ad looks like it might tick the boxes..


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    Re: Camping Ideas

    To be honest, if you are packing for a family, you will never have enough room in a prado.
    This is where camper trailers make life easier, inbuilt kitchens and storage, water etc.

    One little hint that has worked well for me in the past is put your eggs in a tupperware lunch box then fill it with rice. Keeps the eggs from breaking plus you have a rice side for your last meals once the eggs are used.

    If I go camping these days, i do it rough with the bare essentials mostly because im a lazy shit...swag or micro tent, folding stool, folding small table, micro dual fuel stove with a skillet and a kettle, 1 cup, two spoons, two forks, two knives and two plates. 2 led head lamps and one compact led lantern. I don't camp with others these days and my entire camp setup can be easily loaded into my kayak for a remote location.

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    Re: Camping Ideas

    Roof rack with a cage and fill it with cambro tubs + lids


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