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Thread: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Sorry about your lose Gazza.
    Long time reader of your posts.
    I had to put down my border collie x kelpie last year, she was 19.
    Thoughts are with you bud, keep your chin up!

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Sorry Gazza I know itís a real bugger

    Had to put down my 5 year old Bengal boy start of this year due to a nasty gut problem. Was my little mate followed me everywhere, still gutted.

    Thoughts are with you mate. People without furkids donít get it.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Im in my late 30's no children so my pets are my world, this year i lost a mate i lost my last grand parent now i lost my long time pal he use to sit right next to me each hour each day i would work on the boat while im working on the trailer he would sit in the she next to me loved him so much, feeding my other dogs last night i washed his bowl for the last time and put it in the cupboard, whole experience is so emotional, i will probably keep looking under the boat for him

    First pet that has been mine from the beginning to end a long 14 years of friendship just glad he is no longer sufferring

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Itís the end of the suffering that helps. I had to put my girl down a week ago. She was our late sonís dog so there was an extra emotional attachment for us. But seeing her end her suffering makes you realise that itís the right thing and brings some relief from the loss.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Gunna i took him to the vet for arthritis 3 years ago he has been on the decline since, he was still able to walk around but doesn't run and he always wants to play tug of war with the younger staffies but he struggles he just didnt have the energy to play anymore

    i haven't heard anything about my axles since i bought them i am hopping the shop is just closed for the holidays if i don't hear anything by tues/wed i will call them

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Trailer is almost ready to flip i bolted on the last and most front cross member for the underside i used the 8mm thick angle i bought the other week drilled one hole in each end and bolted it on, i also slid my drawbar way back as it sits the boat will be 3/4th the length of the outside alloy rails so there is no point having a big dicky 1.5 meter extended drawbar being a short drawbar this will still allow me to open the back door on the Land Rover it actually looks like its coming together now and looks like a good trailer design i'm not 100 percent sure about the angle mentioned that is bolted on the bottom the mechanic may say its sharp corners are a no no so i will see if that's the case i will round them off with the grinder

    i have one hole to drill that is at the mentioned cross member right up thru the rear of the drawbar so i need to get it spot on center with no cock up's...or the drawbar will be off center

    i am really struggling of late with this weather in sydney if i walk out side and look at the trailer i am sweating like i'm working near a furnace just hard to find any motivation to work in that kind of weather need some cloudy days... charged batteries... and some free time!

    really need some cool days to get the welding done i sweat that much it comes thru the gloves but it must be done

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Flipped her over today trying to work out if i want my cross member at the rear of the drawbar on top of the chassis or inside of it any thoughts? its 50x50x5mm angle iron steel trying to use what i had bought, the lower front cross member is sixty five x sixty five x 8mm and is a little bit in front of the end of the drawbar i wanted to brace the drawbar from the top and the bottom in two locations as for more strength

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    i suppose you could install lower front crossmember as planned, lined up with rear of draw bar and thru bolt this, there would be the gap the same width as the flange so pack up with nylon washers, insert bolts at the opening of the rear of draw bar downwards thru the alloy box section underneath, there would be like two holesaw holes cut out say 25 mm to insert nuts via a extension piece on a cordless, rattle away and for the top , mirrior this but weld flat bar on the draw bar and bolt into flanges. trailer is looking good and the weather is indeed putrid, its draining.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Cat im not sure if to use washers or buy some flat plate to take up the gap between drawbar and cross member, washers would work i was planning on going that route but it will leave a big gap between the two metals

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    This is where i want my wheels but it means the rear axle is directly under the cross member i remember reading something about the axle cannot be within 40cm of the frame or something to that degree it was a long time ago i read it and i may have my info wrong but does anyone know anything about this? i looked at the Vsb1 builders design and it said nothing about it

    just realized my 3rd wheel has the inner diameter of the smaller wheel bugger going to be hard to find brake disc for these wheels

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Not too sure about the axle being close to a cross member, as long as it has room to move when the suspension works, it should be fine, you can get brake hubs for those wheels, I had them on mine, the brake disc is actually kind of outside the rim.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Yeah i have those disc on my old trailer i am tempted to take them off for the new trailer and just install lazy hubs on the old trailer as the old trailer will likely be a free giveaway to whoever will tow it away

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Contacted the trailer place my axles are being shipped in should be here this week, just wondering do i have to weld on axle pads on round axles? i have removed both square and round axles from trailers for painting only some have axle pads others don't are they required?

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Most have them, just to locate the spring properly.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Ok Thanks Noel

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