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Thread: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Fed i am going to go with that design as a single axle 50mm hopefully the mechanic rates the axle at 1400kg or more

    Anyone know if thread lock is salt water safe? Should i use medium or perminant strength?

    Had a busy few days there went fishing in the smaller boat 3 days yeah ha just wish we caught something lol

    Trying to pick up some grinder cutting disc to cut some angle for the two front cross members and the spring support

    Still no welding but i have everything to get started im hopping progress starts again tomorrow i still need to go work on the ford territory and bring it home

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Ripped out the welder and welded my spring hangers i am thinking about painting the spring hangers in thick 2K paint over galvanizing them whats you thought?

    i think the steel guy rear ended me on the price $88 for two and a half meters of angle iron 75mm x 8mm

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    First time you bolt em on Gaz you can kiss 2 pac good bye. Gal for my money.

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    Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Do what my old man did for the trailer, hot dip gal then powder coat

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Wgat would it cost to gal two of these minus springs, and gal the 2 meter 100x100x3mm drawbar?

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Probably be best to fully weld those hangers, or the gal will not get under them, but salt water will, not too sure on prices for galvanising, but they do have a minimum price, then it goes by weight.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    dont cover gal its meant to degrade to protect the steel
    it will degrade faster depending on the conditions the trailer is used and stored

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    heavy steel section ain't cheap, and this is reflected in the price when you buy a trailer

    I don't know if I've mentioned this, in this thread, Gazza, but I did build myself a complete trailer for a 6m boat not that many years ago. I was working FIFO at the time, and spent at least 4 R&R's on it, doing little else. Middle of summer up here, in a shed with the door facing the wrong way. I'd bought a 600 quintrex with a roadmaster under it--tandem, but with single leaf slippers. what was a tiny spot of rust under the drawbar tuned into a hole in the next two years, the spring hangers started ripping off, welded them, then a single leaf broke through the middle, destroying the axle, tyre, guard and random other bits, leaving me stranded on a remote road. That gave me the resolve to NEVER have anything like that happen again, so thereafter I have always been anal about trailer strength and reliability.
    I basically just copied the Roadmaster, but beefed everything up--4mm SHS drawbar, going into the dual backbone of 4mm RHS. Rollered all the way, with the roller brackets welded on top. Cradle was all 6mm RHS, with the spring hangers welded on, proper load sharing tandem. Refitted the easyloader from the old trailer, and Jarret 3-speed, everything else was new.
    I used it as an opportunity to buy a little inverter welder, and a big drop saw, and a few other tools I'd really needed for a long time, as I always seemed to be fabbing stuff with just an angle grinder and old stick welder. From memory, the whole job was around $4K, or maybe a little more. Galvanising, and the freight for the 1200km return trip to the galvanisers, was getting near half of that, IIRC. But it was built like a brick shithouse, and never gave me a moments problem, on the same roads.
    I read up on galvanising, and welding practice for same. They say you must leave a relieving hole, as the heat of the process causes a lot of expansion of any air trapped inside, and can be risky. This includes welding flat surfaces together--a decent size relieving hole will allow the gal to penetrate and seal it up a bit, anyway. I fully welded the spring hangers, then left the pre-existing hole in them, on the mounting surface, open. One thing to be very mindful of--the tiniest bit of slag means the gal won't stick. Grind and weld, grind and weld. Or it will come back with little pinholes in the gal, and you will then have to spray cold gal on those spots every year. DAMHIK.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Thanks guys i was planning on running a weld right around the spring hangers but i have seen just the sides done i forgot to put on some sun screen lotion so a little burnt i will give it a few days and finish welding in the spring hangers, going to be a bit tricky welding the inside of the slipper hangers because there is no where to get the tig welder into it

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Got a bit of work done today guys bolting down the cross members i also built the plate on the drawbar that joins the rails i have the bottom side done hopefully tomorrow i can finish drilling the shorter front cross member and bolt on the drawbar than i can flip it over and get a good look at how shes looking

    I used 250x250x6mm steel plate on the joint top and bottom will be same plates

    Once i get the above done i will just need the drive train installed, hitch and brakes set up, i have decided to buy a whinch post as its taking time to get this build done
    Forgot i need bunks to but they'll come last

    I'll show some pictures when i tidy up my yard, had also lifted the frame off the grass today the amazon jungle almost claimed the trailer

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Mine ended up a composite trailer with aluminium I beam main frame and cross braces with a new original gal subframe for the running gear.
    I made new 75 x 75 drawbar and cross brace, all new roller arms (for 30 rollers) and brackets, winch post, spare wheel bracket, keel roller brackets, all these bits that I fabricated were about $220 to get hot dipped gal and that was still within their minimum cost. For the spring hangers I would weld all round as Noel said, if you can be confident in sealing the join and note well the previous responses about chipping and grinding all slag spot before gal. Even if you have to drill slag spots out and reweld, you'll appreciate it later. I had a steel boat built way back and it cost the builder tens of thousands in warranty to repair slag spotsand porosity that dribbled rust stains through what was supposed to be a professional paint job, after a few months, and repaint. Same thing will happen to slag spots or porosity in welds if you're not careful. As for thread lock I used nylocs with plenty of anti electrolysis compound.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Thanks Fish, the only steel will be the bolts, drawbar, winch post, u bolts and my front cross member the rest is alloy, i am not happy with my spring hangers so i will grind them back as i have a spare set and reweld seems the new steel was absolutely filthy even after i wire brushed it wasn't enough so i am going to grind clean all surfaces before welding

    still have a few of those burn dots on my arms i was to eager to start welding the other day i should have slipped slopped and slapped on a jumper but i never learn so silly really, i will take better precautions when i fix it up

    also not sure about my 100x100x3mm drawbar as choice i knew i should have gone with 4mm it's something i have been thinking about since the day i bought it

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    I will have to measure the OAL i think its about 7-7.5meters i think i may need side markers etc...

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Last post was uploaded by mobile so i didn't get the better pictures this post done by laptop, there is some lengthwise flex in the frame i am worried about i am hopping the bunks stiffen it up or i may have to consider something else possibly running some lengths of alloy down along the under side whats peoples opinions on this flex?

    plan was to get some adjustable bunk mounts from the USA and bolt on some 100x50mm treated pine but now i am thinking i may need to run 200x75mm treated pine sleepers as bunks and use them to double with the flex of the frame

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    should stiffen up when you bolt on the running gear. draw bar is close to minimal being 3mm . i reckon you might need to replace the angaline with box section at the front..... . Also 2 long shank 8.8 bolts thru the web and draw bar sandwiching the ends of the alloy against the draw bar.... just an idea. because the rails on both sides can flex length wise , we expect that , but it can flex up and down around the draw bar, so bracing is important and a good suspension will take the pressure off.

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