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Thread: Chasing Redclaw

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    Chasing Redclaw

    Hello everyone. I was hoping you could offer some friendly advice.

    I would like to take a week long trip, leaving from Maroochydore and for the week, I would like to catch some redclaw.
    I will have a boat with me which definitely helps and was just wondering if any members could offer advice on which dams are excellent for redclaw?

    I have heard amazing things about Fairbairn Dam/Lake Maraboon but was hoping to find something a little closer to home. Hopefully within 400-500km of Maroochydore.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    Wuruma dam
    Never been but mates keep sending pics of catches.

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    Lake Borumba near Imbil.Just up the road from the Sunny Coast

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    Mate just back from Borumba and has been there for 8 days. Averaged 40 bass a day and a couple of yellas. He had 8 pots in and after3 days he pulled them as he only got 7 redclaw. North pine dam has plenty of redclaw at the moment averaging 8 to 10 redclaw per pot for an overnight soak. They only seem to be feeding at nighttime at the moment but probably will pick up as the water warms.

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    20 to 30 a night 8 pots somerset dam at the moment
    cheers snap

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    I just want to thank everyone for their replies and appreciate the advice. It looks like I have a few places to try in future.

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    Callide or Wuruma

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    Is maroon dam any good this season for redclaw. The weather is been getting hotter so I would think the redclaw you be coming out

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    Re: Chasing Redclaw

    NPD 8 pots set 4/1 and pulled 7/11 do much better with just an overnight soak as a lot get out wnen they run out of tucker.
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