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Thread: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Just found this read the bit about there swiss cheese transom they'd me impressed with mine haha looks like my whole transome skin is getting cut out also in there video they show there methiod of glassing and that they use chopped strand mat with double bias

    They mention two styles of doing the transom but the tricky question is i will be doing both styles at once, a little unsure how to do both inner and outer skin teplacement at the same time

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    You could do the outside first and leave the inner side bare with no bonding, then cut the inside out when ready (maybe) but, I still kind of think in your case it will be heaps easier to go from the inside and repair all the holes on the outside, seeing as you have cut the deck already.

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    just thought id bring I tup as a mate di da 445 and had a hump in the underside once he finished
    id think 4 bunks would do 2 each side havnt seen your hull shape sorry to offer any more advice

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Noel yeah i think your right just all these holes have me a bit concerned i can fill all the holes with cloth and resin but what i am not sure about is the end finish it would require a lot of sanding, fairing sanding, under coat,sanding filling holes etc.. i did take notice of the video in that last link they said the fairing takes a ton of sanding if i were to cut out the transom skin also i think a lot of my rigidness is still within my transom skin so i am umming and arring about it

    i am going to slowly start buying the products needed but a majority of the stuff will be in 8 weeks when i get some decent cash to buy all the exy stuff

    i am trying to hold off buying plywood its tempting to just dig in now but i want something that will last avery long time if not the entire boats life

    still trying to work out the best way of cleaning those barnicals or crustations off the hull i think i will pick up a pressure washer from bunnings and give that a try today or tomorrow, the hull underside will need a good sanding and some fairing work over at lease 40% of the hull from the crustations chipping the gel coat, since i can't tip her over due to size i will be spending quiet some time under her doing the work

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Not sure a Karcher is going to get your barnacles off either if the neighbors effort with his boat that was left in the drink for months is any thing to go by.
    Might pay to get a commercial guy with the right gear in after you get a lifting device set up for your hull. particularly while it is still a lot lighter than its going be after your finished.

    Plus you still need to build a cradle to support the hull before you get stuck into rebuilding the hull insides etc IMHO...............

    Have you seen these ideas from THT?

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    That is an idea Chimo i like the second picture i could easily fabricate that bow lift with using a 5000kg lashing strap

    After the previous poster menntioned i needed to get her on to a stand i looked into it yesterday and that will be how i approach it, the next step will be making a dolly i have some steel framing already i just need 6 or 8 boat trailer bunk post to weld to the frame than i will bolt some 19045 treated pine to it and carpet it as the keel bunks

    The stage after this will be the internal work after that i will hoist her up and for the barnical removal and fairing than painting

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Looks like another use for a snatch strap too.

    Or you can hire one from Kennards for about $200 a day to lift it and sit it where you want it and spend another $200 to put it on your trailer later.
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    I think i'll jack her up with a bit of wood under the jack and build up both back sides with cinder blocks and i will use 2 rows of the same blocks under the front to work the trailer out than i'll slide the dolly under

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    What do u guys think a shop would charg to install the transom and stringers? The resin will cost me $400 coosa board for transom will cost another $400 a roll of double bias cloth is going to cost $550

    What are some realistic prices? Seeing as i have done all the hard work

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Not too sure a shop would agree that you have done all the hard work if it isn't done the way they would do it, they will consider it more work! I would reckon it would cost a few grand minimum.

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Noel, a few K for the stringers and transom? i sent one company and one guy on gumtree pictures asking for a quote just on the transom, when i spoke with the professional guy at a factory he asked what will i be running on it i said a 130-150hp it seemed to have raised some concern and he mentioned it will need to be solid in so many words i'm awaiting to hear back on a cost

    the average guy i donno he comes out and does the work at my house which i'm a little unsure about insurance wise wouldn't want him trying to sue me for some reason if he got MEKP in his eyes or something like that or a power tool accident

    if i can find a professional to do the job for a little more than what all the equipment is going to cost me it might be worthy going that route but if i can't find anyone with a decent price i will do it but being my first job it'll be playing on my mind if i'll loose the motor in the drink or boat snaps in half

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    if you really want to have something nagging on your mind ask them what the life span of a fiberglass boat is along with uv degradation of all the components.

    as noelm says expect a bill of 3-5k maybe more if you want a fancy splashwell setup

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    I don't think i am to worried about the age of the hull Steve since the fibreglass is covered or painted so it should be fine however it did sit for i dont know how long with the floor ripped up an exposed but in saying that my BMD hull was exposed to the sun for several months and i wastold to just give it a coat of resin

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    No call back from the professional factory guy and i tried calling the other guy no answer, one was charging $120 an hour labour the other $70

    i am just going to try it my self fingers crossed i am going to cut out the back transom skin leaving 75mm all round the edges and i will work around leaving the BIN on the hull i don't want to mess with that, i will cut out and glue in the transom will be using plywood as i just cant wait and save up the extra money for the expensive composite board, i will glass in the out side skin than i will glass in the inside skin hopefully it all pans out i have a plan i just need to make it work

    inner and outer transom skins i am thinking should be 100% double bias cloth with no chopped strand mat as a filler just purely for the double bias's strength i don't want to skimp on this, double bias is .45mm thick my transom outer skin is 5-6mm so may require 12 layers of cloth i think this would be the ducks nuts for strength

    thinking of cutting the plywood as a XL shaft, do u lot think the motor being raised 5" will look dicky up that 5" in height compared to the rest of the boat? XL pod is still on the board but i am learning about the forces of torque from high powered outboards and i am shitting it at the thought of doing it wrong and having the torque rip the transom, pod and outboard off

    there is still the worry of going 100-130hp motors which are 4 cylinders and upping to the 150hp which are 6 cylinders that is quiet a bit more weight on the transom just don't want to screw anything up by misjudging or under engineering it

    equipment will be

    *Double Bias Cloth 400gsm
    *Epoxy Resin 5-1 Ratio 24kg
    *25mm Plywood, Okoume 25mm 10 layers Furniture Grade Plywood E1 MR Glue
    *Talc as a Glue/Filler 25kg

    Cost is about $750 for the above, no fairing included in that i will get that once i am happy with the skins, i should be left with some resin for the stringers hopefully

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    Re: Vintage Inboard Cruisers to Centre Console Conversion

    Definitely raise it to suit 25", might make motor shopping a bit more selective, but plenty of XL shafts around in that HP, don't be scared of using ply. Some repairs I have seen done use long bolts as clamps to pull the laminates together, others use home made clamps to get the transom tight with no air bubbles, others just cut the ply, laminate together, then just glass into boat, lots of different methods used, all work, you just need to sort out how you will do it.

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