Went up to Boondooma Dam to fish in the comp for the first time. Was only my second time fishing the dam and have only fished freshwater a handful of time altogether.

Didn't arrive until about 6:30am on the Saturday but got straight into it. Fished till about 11:00 for only 1 hit. Eventually found some fish sitting around a point and managed 1 undersize bass and 2 yellow belly in quick succesion. The yellowbelly went 46cm and 35cm. Took both to the live weigh in but the bigger fish didn't survive so I weighed it in the gutted and gilled section.

The afternoon session I went back to the same point and managed a legal bass and a couple undersize bass before a few boats moved in and the fish shut down. Moved to a new spot and managed another legal bass and a couple more undersize. Can't remember the sizes of the 2 legal bass but they were both under 40.

Third session on Sunday I found a lot tougher, managed only 2 undersize bass and 1 legal at 30.2cm....

All the fish I got were caught trolling along the sides of the dam in about 8-10m deep. Couldn't get a touch amongst the timber using spinner baits and hard bodies. (apart from logs....)

Didn't place anywhere with the fish but from what some others were saying I still did a lot better than most people. All the fish but 1 undersize bass was caught on the same lure, it was a black and white hardbody that dives to about 4m, can check the lure when I get home if anyone is interested.

The comp was run quite well, the catch and release station was good and there were a ton of lucky door prizes and raffles. I think they said by the Sunday they had about 1200 entrants.
Will be going back next year to have another crack at it for sure.