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    Blank suggestion

    Hi folks - hope all are well and getting a few fish in these crappy northerlies!
    I am looking for suggestions on a blank for beach spinning.
    I have made a number of rods in the past but not for some time - so the cost of components etc and limited time on my hands may put me off this venture.
    Specs: around 10ft, 4-8, 5-9kg area, will be spinning metals up to 40g maybe 50g at times. Very fast action with softness to absorb lunges in swells. Will be matched to a Saragossa 5000 or twin power 4000, 20lb braid mostly.
    I have about 4 other off the shelf rods that almost fit this description but looking for a 'go to' spin rod that mates won't get to use! I live in Maclean northern nsw so can access coffs harbour tackle suppliers.
    The other option is do any of you know a reputable builder down this part of the coast who may be able to meet with me and look at specifics, reel seat distances etc - it might just not be worth the hassle of dragging out the cottons and dusting off the dryer motors. Guess I could also ring the guys in coffs as well.
    Happy for any ideas / suggestions.
    Cheers folks!

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    Re: Blank suggestion

    I have some custom rolled 4/5120 G 2pc blanks which would fit that bill perfectly

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    Re: Blank suggestion

    G'day Stuart - sorry I didn't get back to you earlier - don't get on much these days, work gets in the road of everything!
    How do I get hold of one of these blanks and the cost?

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