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Thread: New Speargun recommendation

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    New Speargun recommendation

    Since my good Undersee Bazooka II speargun was stolen by Jehova Witness aholes and Sea Hornet is out of business therefore parts are no longer available.

    Can anyone spearo recommend a good but not too expensive speargun I should get.

    Target species, mostly coastal e.g. Drummer, luderick, joe cocky, red morwong, Not into deep sea fish these days, lung capacity ain't good as it once was.

    Can painted or ornate crayfish be speared or only by gloved hand?


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    New Speargun recommendation

    Any of these will get you by. Some good prices on the Picasso guns.

    If I was looking for a gun to do what you mentioned I'd grab this one.
    I built a gun a few years ago with one of these handles and love it.

    In QLD crays can be speared from memory but NSW it's a glove only affair I think.

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    Re: New Speargun recommendation


    Many thanks for your suggestions, I'll be looking into those spearguns. Good to know those crays can be speared in QLD.


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    Re: New Speargun recommendation

    I have a Picasso that i'm happy with. You won't need much length for you target species. 1m will probably do. I imagine your Bazzooka will have had a closed muzzle so you will just have to get used to the open muzzle of a rail gun which is a bit different to wrap when loading the spear. But it's something you can practice on land in the comfort of your lounge room!

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    Re: New Speargun recommendation


    Thanks for the info on Picasso speargun.

    The Bazooka II model I used to have (prior to being stolen) was twin rubber, a tad under 2 metres in length had caught larger specimens back then. I could not say if it had a closed muzzle or not.

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