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Thread: Public Mooring for GBRMP areas. Thoughts ?

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    Exclamation Public Mooring for GBRMP areas. Thoughts ?


    Dear Stakeholder,

    The Queensland Government’s Significant Regional Infrastructure Projects Program (SRIPP) has provided the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) with $2.375M to invest in an expanded public mooring and reef protection program in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA) over the next three years. In addition, funding for public moorings and reef protection markers in the Mackay/ Capricorn Management Area may also soon be available through an arrangement between the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and the Department of the Environment and Energy (DOEE) to offset indirect impacts of the three liquefied natural gas plants on Curtis Island.

    These funds will be used to build upon the existing network of 146 public moorings and 170 reef protection markers (collectively referred to as the Reef Protection Program). This new investment will include the installation of approximately 10-20 new public moorings and 30 reef protection markers at popular locations in the Capricorn Bunker Group of islands.

    Public moorings promote and provide safe, convenient and sustainable access at high use destinations by reducing the need for boat users to drop their anchor. Additionally, reef protection markers (RPMs) are used to clearly designate no anchoring areas, mitigating the risk of anchor damage particularly on sensitive coral reef systems. Together, they achieve on-going protection and provide for sustainable use of the reef’s most popular dive and snorkelling destinations, visited by both tourists and recreational boat users.

    The Capricorn Bunker Group has been identified as a focus area of this project in 2017-18. To this effect, it is proposed to:

    a) Install 10 – 20 public moorings. Sites will be chosen in locations with:

     An observed history of visitation/ current vessel anchoring pressure, and
     A reasonable level of coral cover, or facilitating easy access to an area of reasonable coral cover (eg. for diving/ snorkelling).

    b) Install additional Reef Protection Markers. Sites will be chosen as:

     Reef areas with current observed anchoring pressure and high conservation values (ie. medium – high levels of recorded live coral cover).

    Where logistically feasible, the installation of RPMs will be complemented by the provision of one or more public moorings. Preliminary planning has identified locations indicated in the table below as potentially suitable for new Reef Protection Program infrastructure in the Capricorn Bunker Group.

    # Proposed Public Moorings
    Vessel size class proposed
    RPMs proposed
    Lady Elliot Island
    4 outside RPMs
    <25m or <35m
    Add to existing
    Lady Musgrave Island
    2 inside lagoon
    2 outside lagoon
    <25m or <35m
    Add to existing
    Fitzroy Reef
    1 inside lagoon
    2 outside lagoon
    Add to existing
    Heron Island
    1 at Heron Bommie
    1 at Big Bay
    1 in channel south of the wreck.
    Wistari Reef
    1 at NE corner opposite harbour
    1 on northern side near MPZ marker
    Mast Head Island
    2 NW end of reef
    Broomfield Reef
    1 opposite the Cay
    Wilson Island
    1 northern side opposite the beach
    Yes – up to 10
    North West Island
    2 on northern side
    1 in the Fishtail
    QPWS is open to reviewing the number and size classes of moorings and RPMs at locations above based on stakeholder feedback, as well as receiving suggestions for alternative or additional locations not mentioned above. The locations selected largely follow recommendations made by popular cruising guides.

    Your feedback is formally invited regarding this proposal. Please contact Nicole Hitchcock, Project Manager, on (07) 4047 9665 or via email by 18 August 2017 to provide your comments, suggestions or advice. In addition, if you would like to attend a face-to-face workshop in order to discuss more detailed elements of this proposal, please register your interest via the contacts above.

    Yours sincerely
    Nicole Hitchcock
    Senior Ranger
    Technical Support, Great Barrier Reef Region
    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

    I have attached the PDF if you need to read it or file it or print it.

    cheers LP

    ps..... I have provided feedback to Nicole.
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    Re: Public Mooring for GBRMP areas. Thoughts ?

    I don't think that 2 in Musgrave is anywhere near enough.

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