Thought I would try out bass fishing for the first time. After picking up a spinnerbait and some weedless plastics, I made the journey up to Clarrie Hall Dam today from the Gold Coast.

I was expecting it to not be that good (given the recent heavy rainfalls) and that is exactly what I got - didn't catch a thing (aside from lots of lillypads)!

I started out walking around the banks near the boat ramp but kept on getting stuck in the weeds. So, I got my surfski off the roof and had a few flicks for an hour or so around the lillypads without any luck.

The water was chocolate brown, so that might have had something to do with it (or I just suck, which is probably a high possibility!).

Might have another crack at it once the water returns to normal. After leaving I went down to the spillway and it was absolutely pumping...