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    Anyone here know if abalone are available between Tweed Head South and Port Macquarie?

    Long drive just to get two.

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    Re: Abalone

    Definitely at Port Macquarie, so, I guess further North as well.

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    Re: Abalone

    Thanks Noelm,

    Abalone tend to like colder water from memory so more likely probably from Port Macquarie and further south.

    Hopefully they will be a couple when I get down there. Need to pick a good day without swell and clear water.


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    Re: Abalone

    The possession limit of only 2 is pretty tough I think, also note there is only certain days you are allowed to get them at all! I get them anytime I need them, but 2 don't go far....

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    Re: Abalone

    That's true, 2 is not worth the effort, the old rules were better , use to be 10 per person then

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    Re: Abalone

    Might get a couple today, nice and flat here at the moment, just have to walk over the road from my place to get them, should get a cray or two as well!

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    Re: Abalone

    I'm envious.

    Might have to come down have a visit. Then we can both go over, get couple each and couple of crays each.

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    Re: Abalone

    Visit anytime, I did get my bag limit of 4 for two people, but only 3 crays, plenty of small ones and just "kind of" legal ones, and by that I mean a guess, because I don't take a measure, if they look small, I leave them, conditions are still very clear, and flat as a tack, that's supposed to change today, strong southerly due around lunch time.

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    Re: Abalone

    Ok, thanks, would be good to catch up. Nice to know there are some crays around too, ghee, would be about 30 years ago since I last got some crays, a long time in between. I have heard there is some bad weather blowing up the coast. I would assume Winter would be the ideal time to go diving, Westerly winds. What would be the ideal tide to dive in that area in your experience?

    I'm bit more weary of grey suits prowling around these days.

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    Re: Abalone

    Yep, big swell now, no diving for a while, tide makes little difference unless the spot is really shallow, then a high tide is better because it's easier to swim around, Sharks are practically no problems down here, up North perhaps something to think about, water is getting cold now too, much nicer in summer!! winter westerlies are just around the corner, a bit late this year.

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    Re: Abalone

    I reckon it would be a bit rough for a few days, good to know tide does not make much difference at the spot. I usually try to dive when not much current with clear water, Winter Westerlies., might be a 5mm suit. I don't think the 2mm suit I use would be warm enough.

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