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    Are any local spearos still active or passed away?

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    Re: Spearos

    Ha, still here, mate. Not dead just yet. Looking forward to getting out on the locals once this water clears and winter comes.


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    Re: Spearos

    G'day Cuzza,

    Good to hear you still about. I have to look around for another speargun. Blasted plastic trigger handle snapped. Sea Hornet went bankrupt and folded some time ago I've been told.

    Some JW prick stole my good speargun. Bazooka II made by Undersee, it was a beaut had speared a few good fish with that beaut..

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    Re: Spearos

    Hi Bondy,

    In the meantime, can you report again about the incident a while back where you witnessed a suspected crabbing thief in the mangroves ?
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    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: Spearos

    Shark Poker,
    That's old news as you would know. I'm sure who ever wanted to read it can use the "search function",

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