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Thread: Stolen gear

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    Stolen gear

    Hi guys,

    We have made a point of getting this out on social media a bit so you may have already seen it. I do not ever expect to see this gear again, however I want it to be hard for the rswipes who took it to mive it.

    Between 7pm 18/4 and 7am 19/4 my little boat got done over in my driveway. I had some gear in the boat ready to go fishing (yes I know, maybe I was asking for it if you want to go down that path but I am still not the thieving prick in all this) and it got knocked off.

    I am no tackle junky so I cannot rattle off model numbers etc etc but this is a brief breakdown of the gear...

    A Shimano Beastmaster 9000 electric reel. This was attached to a cheap Fishing Barefoot rod that I got off a mate...

    A Daiwa Tanacom Bull electric. This is a bit distinguishable. It had a homemade cable on it that we knocked up when a cable fried. I am hoping beyond hope they try and buy a cable and come undone, but they probably wont. This was attached to an Ugly Stik overhead rod.

    A Saragosa attached to a Team Daiwa spinning rod (model unknown, I just bought it because it suited the reel)

    An 8000 Stradic attached to an old Daiwa Catalina jig stick ( my favourite rod I have ever owned).

    They cut the wires of the electrics, reached into the boat and nicked them all. My supposed guard dog slept through the whole thing and is looking down the barrel of being next weeks crab bait.

    All jokes aside, this is a very expensive hit for me to take, I am rightfully raging about it and would like anyone who os offered or sees this gear for sale to let me know.

    I am offering $1000 for information leading to the identity of the thief/ thieves, and $2000 for their identity and my gear returned. The gear is likely covered by insurance however due to limits on individual items I am still going to come up well short of the equipments value.

    Be mindful where you leave your gear men, they are out there watching.

    Gear was stolen from Australia Ct, Newport.

    A police report has been made, but if you would like to call me on 0410446468 with any info that would be amazing.


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    Re: Stolen gear

    thats just shit mate. Hope you get your gear back. I'll keep an eye out.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Bastards, can you post a link to FB and we can repost to our own groups or if not already there can we post it.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    You can't share it from Shane's page but you can from mine so please share the hell out of this.
    We'd love to catch these scum

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Done, hopefully others will spread the word as well.

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    Re: Stolen gear


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    Re: Stolen gear

    Done Shane.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Low lifes
    A bad situation all round.
    I'll keep an eye out anyway

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    Re: Stolen gear

    That suxxxx....Shane
    Problem is, people who buy these cheaply discounted stolen goods only promote more thieving.......
    Check local pawn shops they'll pop up somewhere eventually.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    That sucks mate - have you checked with any neighbours in the street for any CCTV home vision that might help for any unusual cars, or activity? Also, keep an eye out in Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace where they might advertise these items too??? Can't believe you still had the ol stradic and jig stick as your favourite - I remember that set up you had from years ago!

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Yeah Daz I have gotten my hands on some cctv. Playing my cards a bit close atm so will keep the info to myself while I figure out what to do with it.

    Yeah the old jig stick didnt get a real lot of use over the last couple of years but still came on every trip.

    I have nothing but pure unfettered hatred for thieves, and God help them if I find out who they are. Lets just hope they slip up and then we can help them slip over.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Pretty sure I got an email alert from Newport watch about this , that fits your situation , didn't know it was you , that's pretty ordinary , I'll keep my eye on the ground around here . Sam.

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    Re: Stolen gear

    Probably was mine mate I did a letterbox drop of a couple of streets in the area, both to try and get info and to warn people about it and the Newport watch dude in my street told me he would circulate the info through his means. Cheers Sam

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