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Thread: Sea Hornet Rubbers

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    Sea Hornet Rubbers

    G'day fellow spearos.

    Does any spearo know where I can purchase ready made rubbers (with bridal) for a Sea Hornet Speargun (The old wooden type



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    Re: Sea Hornet Rubbers

    Do you mean the ones that have a metal ferrule kind of thing in the centre where it fits into the front of the gun?

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    Re: Sea Hornet Rubbers

    Hello Noelm,

    My apologies for the delay, No, not the one with metal in the middle, its the other surgical rubber type. Today the plastic holder which holds the wooden shaft in place (also part of the trigger mechanism) cracked making the gun useless at the moment. I've been trying to find a replacement part but so far no joy. Would you or anyone else know where I can a replacement holder / trigger from? I'm in Brisbane area.

    My speargun is Sea Hornet - Sportsman


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