A mate asked me up to his birthday party up near Lucinda last week so not being one to say no to a drink or a chance to spear the reef, I had to go. We did two days around Trunk and Bramble in absolutely atrocious weather and pretty milky water and struggled for fish. Came home with some decent trout but not many. Pegged a PB at about 7kg and didn't have too much drama with sharks for a change, that was refreshing. Went again the third day, glass out, with my mates son and two others including a past Aus title holder. All three made me look like it was my first attempt at spearing. I'm blaming the borrowed open muzzle gun I was using, my excuse and I'm sticking to it. They ended up close to bag out. Still any chance to get up there I'll take and had a ball as usual. I'll try to post a pic. later.