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Thread: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

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    Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Hi Guys
    Little girl caught this last night FNQ
    I am thinking painted sweetlip??

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Dear old Blackall - one of several names including painted sweetlip. Looks like it to me. Plenty will tell you they are rubbish to eat but I dont mind them as long as they are fresh. For me though its probably a case of beggars cant be choosers.

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    it was bled and fresh at the time we ate it, kids liked it. Missus thought it was ok.
    cheers for the reply

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Yep I agree blackall. Painted sweetlip. MIL fish but I reckon they're ok. Like PoMo, it's a case of that or nothing mostly for me.

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    My MIL loves them. I get in trouble for throwing fish back instead of taking them around to her place for a feed LOL. Same as above though - treated properly and eaten fresh not as bad as the reputation suggests.

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Cat food......

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