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Thread: Equipment stolen Cairns Region over Christmas

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    Equipment stolen Cairns Region over Christmas

    A friend of mines boat was stripped of gear while they were enjoying a well earned break over Christmas. Took the family over to Green Island. Moored the boat and the next day was shattered to find some lowlife helped themselves.
    Please if you see any of the following around Cairns either going cheap or in someones posession and think wtf shoot me a pm.
    Edge Superfrog guns x3
    Mares pneumatic x2
    Magnum Sea hornet x 1
    Dive Float
    Float lines
    Etc Etc
    Warning this happens at Green fairly reqularly. Would be nice to be told to not leave valuables in vessel when checking in.
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    Re: Equipment stolen Cairns Region over Christmas

    That's bloody rotten.

    Make sure you post this on the facebook pages, as I see a heap of spearos on them.


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