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Thread: Rib Reef Sharks

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    Rib Reef Sharks

    Hi all,
    Not much spearfishing chat around here but here's some free advice learned the hard way.
    We did a couple of fishing trips around Rib Reef off Lucinda in Oct. and it looked pretty good for a spearing trip so when my mate Mick from up that way was available we headed out to give it a go. Water was average but ten mackerel boats working the area so a good chance the macks were about.(d'ya think)
    My mate and his son were first in while I set the boat up on anchor. Mick stuck his head up within 5m of the boat to tell us that six macks just swam under us with a large bull shark up their clacker, then within another 30 seconds I hear a scream through a snorkel and looked up to see mick thrashing around and a similar scene to Mick Fanning fighting his White off. A very large, very aggro bull shark swam straight up to mick didn't even circle, came at him mouth wide open for a bite. Mick being an ex pro spearo and pearl diver, and having dealt with many shark situations over the years, reacted quickly and shoved his gun in the sharks face, which was enough to chase it off thank christ. The mongrels got six new puncture marks to think about next time he wants to bite a diver. Talking to another mate who owns one of the mackerel boats later, he told us that they have anything up to 100 bulls and tigers in the lagoon every night when they're filleting. No wonder we couldn't boat a whole red. Wish I'd spoken to him earlier. Out of there for a safer reef. Southerners in the tropics eh!

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    Re: Rib Reef Sharks

    I dived Rib and Britomart during Spanish season many times in the 80s. Lots of whalers and Tigers to deal with then as well.
    And was wondering what exactly is a pro-spearo?? Better not say hey....

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    Re: Rib Reef Sharks

    Have the tigers thinned out in those parts do you think, or just the same? I'd be keen to hear other opinions.

    I know the general consensus is that WHalers have increased markedly, but a few I know say that tigers aren't as prolific around the northern reef/s as they once were. I know Ben Cropp thinks finning has a lot to do with it.

    I still have no problem running into them when spearing certain spots along the coast/reef..


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    Re: Rib Reef Sharks

    Finning was banned about 5 years ago. As a result (well there seems to be a close correlation) the shark population up this way is going beserk. Any fisherman that fishes the shoals for reds up here will tell you that each year over the last 5 it is increaingly hard to get a fish to the boat. Im sure the sharks are also learning about boats and the easy meal but it doesnt matter where you go the sharks on onto you straight away. The population is no doubt increasing rapidly and I reckon the closure of shark finning has a lot to do with it.

    I still see a fair amount of Tigers but nothing like the numbers of whalers.

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    Re: Rib Reef Sharks

    Yeah, Cam, I remember yarning with you a while ago about the obscene amount of whalers. Seems to be the consensus. Would like to know from others about their experience with Tiger numbers, too.

    Interesting about the finning. Got to have something to do with the whalers. I think Croppie was saying that the tigers are finned illegally, so maybe the finning is still happening with them. Dunno.


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