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Thread: Fish ID? I'm stumped

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    Fish ID? I'm stumped

    Got a few of these wide of St. Crispin Reef
    ID has got me beat?

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    Re: Fish ID? I'm stumped

    Looks similar to the whiptails i catch for bait..but xxl...would look along that fish family

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    Re: Fish ID? I'm stumped

    Rainbow Monocle Bream by the looks

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    Re: Fish ID? I'm stumped

    Yep, spot on Scottar. Thanks mate. Looks like they were at the extreme of their size range too. all about 1.5kg. The mongrels wouldn't eat them, only wanted red fish of course. Didn't even think to check Ernie Grants bible.

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    Re: Fish ID? I'm stumped

    No worries.

    Have found this to be a really useful tool for this sort of thing

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