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Thread: video- Torres Strait Spearing

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    video- Torres Strait Spearing

    Spearfishing near Thursday Island

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    Re: video- Torres Strait Spearing

    Great catches.

    Is the vis always pretty good up there? Any time of year better?

    Also, how do you go with stingers?


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    Re: video- Torres Strait Spearing

    Hey mate, Around the inner islands (Thursday Island) the viz can be pretty poor and quite milky around the full and new moon. The hammond rock tidal streams get up to 7.5 knots. Around neap tides the vis is better (not always) as current eases. The outer islands have pretty good vis for most of the year. Stingas don't seem to be an issue. There have been a coupe reports of irukandji stings on commercial cray divers over the years.

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    Re: video- Torres Strait Spearing

    Yeah mate, that's what I was thinking - Irukandji. They may not be as prevalent up there as a bit south. Either that, or just less people diving up there.

    Good to know about the vis. That current must roar through. Crazy. Keep the vids coming, mate.


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