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Thread: Cairns fly fishers

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    Cairns fly fishers

    Are there any fly fishos on here that live in Gods country. Cairns
    Cheers Marty

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    Re: Cairns fly fishers

    Got two fly rods - which get wet about every 4 walking the beach around mapoon - but haven't been up there for a long while.

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    Re: Cairns fly fishers

    I've got too many fly rods but mostly for rainbow trout etc, so not a single reel with drag, but i'm very keen to hit some tilapia up at tinaroo, have been meaning to for ages.

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    Re: Cairns fly fishers

    Got the fly rod out for the 1st time in 5 years the other day went for a walk along a beach just north of Cairns. Barra 4th cast. Happy days

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    Re: Cairns fly fishers

    I've got a couple of fly-rods in the shed. Must get them out again one day

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    Re: Cairns fly fishers

    Nice work SHOOTER1

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