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Thread: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

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    Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    I'm only writing this as it may save you from some water ingress into the back of your sounder..
    I have a Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro and had read on here about water getting into the sim mapping port.
    I opened and cleaned this pretty regularly, but what I hadn't done was check and clean the power and transducer plug.
    Water must have been getting in past the 'O' ring and over time one of the pins gave way and I started blowing fuses.
    Raymarine were great in replacing the whole unit for me and I couldn't be happier with the after sales service.
    RV marine (Tingalpa) where I initially bought the unit then recomended I apply some dielectric grease to the connection to assist in keeping water out.
    I have now applied this to all my switches and plugs and hopefully many more years of trouble free jetskiing
    It may pay companies like Raymarine to supply a little satchel of grease to use at the first would sure be cheaper than replacing units that do see a bit of water over them and easier for me to not have to unseal my internally mounted transducer. hopefully this may save someone a bit of pain...


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    Re: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    That's a really good idea the companies adding the sachet of grease to the box with the unit but unfortunately the unit would be less likely to malfunction so I guess they wouldn't really do it. haha ))

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    Re: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    I've added a soft plastic shield over the back of the unit to try to deflect some of the spray, although I assume my first unit had a poorly fitted o-ring.11230001.jpg I ran a bead of marine silicone around the edge, masked off the front of the unit and cut a piece of heavy clear plastic put it in place. I waited over night and trimmed to fit... hopefully it won't sweat in the back and cause more issues ...only time will tell.... or... If any one else has tried this and it didn't work please let me know.... thanks
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    Re: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    Where do you get the Dragonfly 4 Pro from,Have you found them to be a good sounder.

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    Re: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    I got mine from RV boating Tingalpa, great price with the Navionics card, It is a bit slow to fire up initially but once going a great piece of gear. I have had to return one as it had water ingress, but replaced without any issues by Raymarine, I take a few extra precautions now. I would have liked to have tried another couple of brands but its not so easy and the sales staff gave them a pretty good rap. It always shows heaps of fish but they rairly convert into a catch..ha I had to get the mapping as one of the first times I ventured to Moreton it belted down with rain and found it nearly impossible to return in the grey out conditions... could only see 50 metres in any direction... I rely pretty heavily on it now....

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    Re: Dielectric Grease on your sounder leads

    Im getting one from Bias tomorrow,$540 with Nav.

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