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Thread: pizza oven

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    pizza oven

    I am about to start building an outdoor pizza oven, has any got any tips or advice on the construction.
    I have read two books for advice but they both give different directions
    I suppose there are different types of ovens but which one is best for a handyman to make.


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    Re: pizza oven

    This is on my to do list. Will watch your progress.

    Food Safari - Fire, episode 4, if you can catch it, had an episode on pizza ovens including a bit on building one. Not comprehensive, but a few good tips.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Bazza65 check out this site has a lot of good info I bought at steel one at bbq alright but a real one is on my list
    Cheers Craig
    from Echuca on the murray river

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    Re: pizza oven

    Thanks for the replies, I bought the book that was featured on food safari written by Russel Jeavons.
    Also got one written by Alan Watt. They write about different builds of ovens. You have to make sure you can assemble all the parts before you begin.
    I am undecided which way to go. I have collected the bricks, besser blocks, reo, pavers and picked up a cement mixer for $ 20.
    Will be digging the grass out today and prepare to lay the small slab.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Be keen to see a build thread if you can be bothered.

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    Re: pizza oven

    I will post photos as I go. Picked up a chimney, a top for it and base for it today. Also heat proof material to go over dome at Mr Stoves.
    They are not into "do it yourself" but will help you out.

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    Re: pizza oven

    I thought I was going to build oven for minimum dollars. That is not going to happen.

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    Re: pizza oven

    This site has fully assembled oven's that look the good's and are well priced
    Cheers Craig
    from Echuca on the murray river

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    Re: pizza oven

    They look ok Craig but most people would have to build a base to sit the oven on.
    I have a gas operated oven but it takes a long time to cook a pizza.

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    Re: pizza oven

    That right bazza you need a base. Once you have cooked a pizza in a wood fired oven there is no looking back. In our steel oven once up too temp it take about 5 mins for a pizza to cook.
    Cheers Craig
    from Echuca on the murray river

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    Re: pizza oven

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    Re: pizza oven

    100mm thick slab to be laid - pending weather

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    Re: pizza oven

    you must really love pizza

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    Re: pizza oven

    Quote Originally Posted by vinvaite View Post
    you must really love pizza
    I also love mudcrab, snapper, prawns and other seafood cooked in the pizza oven. Love stews and roasts and curries cooked in them.
    Rake the coals near the door throw a small grill on them and you can cook a nice steak, sausages and chops etc. When you are finished cooking that you can empty the coals out of the oven and you can cook bread, buns, pies, pastries strudels . I think It can also be used as a smoker.
    In the middle ages during winter when they were finished cooking for the day and oven had cooled to warm they would throw the kids in them to keep them warm at night.

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    Re: pizza oven


    We make our own bread and when the oven died I did it in the BBQ

    With a suitable marble slab I suspect it would do a reasonable pizza etc too


    PS I take it you dont like cutting lawn either!!!


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