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Thread: pizza oven

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    Re: pizza oven

    pizza 1c july.jpgpizza 2c july.jpgpizza 3c july.jpgpizza bases july.jpgpizza july.jpg

    Some of the pizzas we have cooked and the pizza bases we have made

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    Re: pizza oven

    pizza oven july.jpg

    Temperature gauge added to door. Still got to make a door for wood pile and some more tiling to do.

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    Re: pizza oven

    [QUOTE=bazza65;1618703]chooks cooking july 2.jpg chooks cooking july.jpg veg july.jpg sausages july.jpg chook cooked july.jpg dinner cooking july.jpg roast cooked july.jpg roast july.jpg

    Some other meals we have cooked .... chooks, veg, sausages and roasts[/

    That would be driving the neighbours round the twist. Yuuuuuummmm. Can smell it from here.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Good to see you enjoying the fruits of your Labour!

    Bit concerned about what's cooking in the pic with the Pepsi can though

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    Re: pizza oven

    Crunchy, well they at least look like they are happy to see someone

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    Re: pizza oven

    Quote Originally Posted by Crunchy View Post
    Good to see you enjoying the fruits of your Labour!

    Bit concerned about what's cooking in the pic with the Pepsi can though
    HaHaHaHa Yes it does make your eyes water.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Bazza, now long does it take to heat up to temp.

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    Re: pizza oven

    I have read that some people quote different times to bring the oven up to temperature but this is my theory. I believe it depends on your firewood, if you have good dry timber it would be half an hour the to one hour. The timber I have is small gum tree limbs not quite dry also timber I got from Enrights sawmill which is still a bit green. When you have a good heap of coals and some flame you are ready to cook. Some books say the inside of the oven bricks should turn black with soot then turn white, I have had my oven roaring but it has never turned completely white and I do not think it is necessary. Different size ovens will also determine heat up time. When you throw a pizza in the oven and it starts rippling from the heat I think it is hot enough.

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    Re: pizza oven

    Core filled and rendered block base. Hebel cooking surface with
    Heat proof base tiles and refractory bricks.
    Mixture of crusher dust, ball clay, cement, vermiculite, bondcrete.
    Mixture covered with bird mesh, roof insulation and recovered with mixture and thick coat of coloured oxide.

    Works amazing for pizzas, roasts, chooks and whatever!

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    Re: pizza oven


    This is what happens when you don't share your home made and home cooked pizzas with your crazy neighbour. This went on for almost 1 hour until police arrived. The crazy lady is aged in her early 70's. The more she hosed, the more smoke she created
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: pizza oven

    So what did the cops say ? I like the oven , great talking piece for a few beers ..... Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: pizza oven

    Looks like you might be putting an extension on that smoke stack Bazza

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    Re: pizza oven

    This is second time police have been called. She could have been charged with assault ( x2 as two of us out there) and property damage. Another incident and she will be charged.

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