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    Meat Pies

    How about a good meat pie recipe ey ??..

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    Re: Meat Pies

    Need to ask a kiwi baker about that. Its one of the few things the kiwis are actually good at

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    Re: Meat Pies

    By the rules 25% meat flesh (The skeletal muscle of the carcass of any buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit or sheep, slaughtered other than in a wild state (i.e. not bush meat), plus any attached animal rind, fat, connective tissue, nerve, blood and blood vesselsí) and pretty much anything else for the other 75%.

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    Re: Meat Pies

    Oh stop it Crunchy, you're making my mouth water...

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    Re: Meat Pies

    Its all about the pastry and gravy Crunchy! Chunks inside are a bonus (provided they are not to chewy). What the internals consist of are somewhat irrelevant, but occasionally add to the surprise taste factor. Ie, sometimes the unknown giblets of a wild bin licking ibis can add a somewhat pleasing tastebud experience.

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    Re: Meat Pies

    And to top it off you need the mushy peas, it's a qld thing but does make it worthwhile

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    Re: Meat Pies

    Yes you do need the mushy peas fer sure , Daughters n Daughter In Law kept telling me as well as sending me texts with Pics of the meat pies they make as they know im a sucker for a good meat pie lol so what do i do??, yep make my own !!...
    And they all went balistic over them ..
    Crush some garlic and brown along with some onion in the bottom of your pot..Braise some nicely fine minced meat , add seasoning of your taste , with me it was everything the good wife had available and stir well..
    Hot chillie sauce slowly stirred through the mince and when mince near ready add the peas and gravy to thickness you like and when thickened turn off heat and let cool off..
    Puff pastry to suit the size of the meat pies you want and you know the rest ...
    Bake however many you want to eat for the present and freeze the reast and yep they freeze good tooo..

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