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Thread: And Again:)

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    And Again:)

    Least they have Boat Wash here ..

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    Re: And Again:)

    Monte Carlo?? Looks like a tender for a mega yacht

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    Re: And Again:)

    You got it ...

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    Re: And Again:)

    Blew my mind that place. The mega yachts moored outside the harbour because they are too big. The harbour proper full of super yachts and the inner harbour absolutely choc a bloc full of small ( ie 30-40ftish) Riviera looking boats. OMG! Don't even get me started on the cars outside the casino

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    Re: And Again:)

    Yep same here n still trying to sort through all my photos lol..We went ata quiet time just before winter and think it was the best time for us. Not too crowded though stayed in Nice as Hotels were a tad cheaper and trained it to Monte Carlo.
    Just goes to show you where a fuel Dollar etc ends up e..
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    Re: And Again:)

    You might like this one mate??.

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