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Thread: Fishing for moses or pearl perch

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    Fishing for moses or pearl perch

    Hi Guys

    Looking for some help to catch my first moses or pearl perch offshore SPB solo. Having targeted snapper on the 29's and 33's for the last 4 years and doing pretty well most days this season (usually bag out by 9--10am) I am wanting to target another species before returning home. Should I change from float lining to a bottom bashing rig for pearlies and change bait from pillies to squid or mullet strips? Am I in the right general area for these fish species or should I venture further out to North Straddie? I did catch a few pearlies off DI on a charter a few years back but can't recall the technique or preferred bait used at the time. Just looking for general advice and direction here, not your favourite marks. Hoping to go out Monday, weather permitting. Thanks in advance. Cheers SS.

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    Re: Fishing for moses or pearl perch

    I have caught pearlies on most baits as well as Moses. You can catch them on any rig as long as it gets to the bottom. Some of best Pearlies have been caught on plastics.

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    Re: Fishing for moses or pearl perch

    If you can find wire weed you will find pearlies, they do tend to school around the 5 metre mark off the bottom, a lot of anglers catch them as they are reeling in their lines. Pillies work fine as well as squid and bottom bashing works for them. Best pearlies are usually in deeper water around the 100m mark although you will get them much shallower but smaller in size.

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    Re: Fishing for moses or pearl perch

    What Sam said! 80m-100m is the go!

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    Re: Fishing for moses or pearl perch

    There are some big pearlies caught on the 33's. If you are chasing variety in your bag, start bottom bashing. We fish mullet fillet strips on bottom bashers with a bit of lumo tube above the hooks. Pearlies and tuskies are a regular feature in our catch. Circle hooks are a big help. I generally use a mustad demon in a 5/0 or 6/0. If you want to chase pearlies as a dedicated thing, as mentioned, deep water - 100 metres plus is where to start looking and upgrade the hook size.

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