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Thread: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    I suggest the wet mess to be located far enough away from the sleeping quarters for those guys getting a good nights sleep before an early start. Always something that has shit me off in van parks etc.

    Limited numbers of sites to avoid over crowding.....would be better to have to book a site a month in advance than to rock up on friday arvo unannounced and crammed into an already full park.

    Security whilst the boats are out to prevent thefts and with the pricks properly before ousting them after they have paid for thier offences. Coppers will only send them to a judge to send them back to re-offend. Offenders could be held in a lockup to await the victims return.

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    Hi All
    Having spent a fair few years in some good & rough donga work camps throughout NW Qld.
    Suggest group 2 x 4 room dongas with shared Kitchen & amenities
    Gives you privacy , But still got your mates

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    Ausfish members stay for free 😁

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    Are you buying the boat storage at 1770 Phill?
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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    A sound proof area for the snore brigade!

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    A bullshit meter and dunking tank for the outright bullshit tale of each day.

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    This sounds like an awesome idea!!
    Enough room for larger trailers and somewhere to store them if boats stay in the water. Let me know if you need a groundsman

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    i have a property for sale so that you can build our dream

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    I guess you would have to decide if it's a fishing only thing, or something an entire family might enjoy too, fishing only is just a "bloke" thing, where a family might want something to do while others are out fishing, and a camp full of half drunk swearing yobbos would not be an ideal family thing that mum and the kids would enjoy, get what I mean? So the decision would need to be made early in the concept as to the target audience

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    Nothing worse than prepacked sangas, don't be lazy and make your own, not only will it be fresher, you know what goes in it. I've had prepacked sangas in the past, tasted crap, never again.

    All what you mentioned Phil is ok as it is. Donga could do with aircon unless one likes to get hot and sweaty, keep the mossies and midges out.

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    still hard thinking about my sale of Sunlover, would be hard to get up there (emotionally). Will adapt to it after a while, I won't miss all the cleaning though.


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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    A fresh water trailer “dip” to drive through and completely douse the whole trailer to wash the salt off while the trailer is still wet.
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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    A secure alarmed individual lockup for each boat and trailer at night to stop some "borrowing" items at night (or day) as some boats are open with no method for securing items without total removal of your gear into your room for safety.

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    G'day folks,

    I am putting it out to those that fish the saltwater off the Queensland Central Coast and in particular, those that travel to get there and stay either over-night or a couple of weeks.

    I know most of the long term visits, people rent holiday houses, stay in Van parks etc, so:-

    What about a dedicated Fishing Lodge / Park. ?

    Accommodation would be in " donga " type buildings that sleep 4 ( each has a kitchen ), communal showers & laundry & loos shared between 8 people maximum. ( shared between 2 dongas )
    Covered Common area between dongas with BBQ, fire pit, seating
    Drive through road and parking ( no reversing )
    Boat and Trailer wash ( reverse into concrete freshwater pool to drown trailer )
    Fish cleaning station at each building
    Long Term boat storage facility
    Privacy and security, being on large acreage
    Option of camping / camper trailer
    A dedicated covered area with stage, bar, seating, huge TV for large gatherings
    within 10 minutes of an all weather/ all tide boat ramp......

    1...What other facilities would you like to see at this type of place ?

    2.. Is this something you would consider staying at ?

    3.. Any other suggestions / questions ?

    please respond with all thoughts...

    cheers Phill
    What happened to this idea Phillthy? Was it just an exercise or was it a prelude to doing something?

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    Re: Fishing Lodge, What would you like ?

    It is an idea. It is still in the embryonic stages and will need fertilization of the monetary kind.

    The thing is, at some really good fishing locations around the country, there is little or no " short term " accom.

    Yep, we have motels, but a dedicated fishing accom style complex is light on. Given the number of fishoes that drive 2 ,3 or 7 hours to get to a location, fish for 1 - 3 days and return, there is nothing available for them to have a shower, maybe a good sleep and wash down a boat with minimal cost.

    So, this idea, is still in the mix ><>
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