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Thread: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

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    8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    Hi peoples,

    Got an 8wt Nitro Velocity rod for overseas trip at years end.
    Looking for a good value for money reel that is saltwater safe, good drag etc, without spending a fortune....

    I have been looking at the Galvan Rush Light or similar. Also seen the Pfleuger Trion which had some positive reviews.

    Am open to all recommendations. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    What are you chaseing and how much you want to spend as good saltwater reels and not much money dont go in the same sentence, were you going if you dont mind me asking.

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    Re: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    Hi Chris,
    Mainly tropical stuff like coral trout, spangled emperor, small trevally etc.,
    Maybe bonefish too.
    Looking to spend up to $350 or so....

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    Re: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    ok well that money gives you a few options,the closed drag system on the rush light looks a good thing,what you have to look at is good drag, nice large arbor for line recovery,for a 8wt reel the rush lite is a nice big reel,forget any reel like pfleuger trion the make spinning reels,Galvin make fly reels like Ross reels and Abel, Orvis, Nautilus if you get my drift,you want a reel that has a name and reputation,all reels are made to a price point and quality.

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    Re: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    I have couple of Lamson Litespeed reels, its been a great product and I abused it on tuna, cobia, Spanish mac and good size bludger and golden travelly.
    Would buy again


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    Re: 8wt saltwater reel recommendations

    I'll check them all out. Any views on the Cheeky Boost reels? Around $250 from what I see......

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