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Thread: New Zealand advice wanted

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    Exclamation New Zealand advice wanted

    G'day everyone planning a 4 week holiday to nz in early February next year looking for any info in regards to areas to fish etc etc. Was planning to do both islands in a camper and do a bit of everything but definitely want to chase some trout, grew up fly fishing the New England tablelands area but don't get to trout fish much now I'm based in nrth Australia and have always wanted to go fly fish nz any info be much appreciated cheers

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    John Kent has a couple of good books, worth a read if you can get them. They are available from some libraries, save you buying them.

    Fish and Game website also has information on regulations, rivers/lakes, access etc.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Thanks Bremic will check them out

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    New Zealand advice wanted

    Bushwacker are still working KCC ,I am trying to organise another trip up but with the wife this time . Is Andy guiding up that way still ..Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Hi Matt, unfortunately I finished up in 2013. Andy has established his own small charter business called "Northbound Charters" look him up on the web or facebook site. I am currently working for a marine company out of Darwin but still living at Kununurra and still doing plenty of fishing.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Thanks mate I will check that out . Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Hi Bushwacker - In the North Island your best bet would be the Taupo region, fish the Waitanui, Tauranga-Taupo and Tongariro rivers, it would be best to nymph as well as wetline to cover all options. Visit the store at the Tauranga-Taupo as well as Sporting Life in Turangi, all very helpful people. Google them as they have fishing reports each week, this will help you as you can see which techniques and flies are working well, pheasant tail nymphs and woolly buggers are always a good option. In the south Island there are plenty of options as well, but around the Methven area, there is some spectacular country. Just practise your casting as sometimes it makes the difference between being a spectator or taking dinner home. Keep an eye out on the locals as well as when in Rome, do as the romans do will help.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Thanks rainbowrascal's, yeah I think might do some practice on the 7wt after throwing the 10wt around up here for a few years it does not do to much for your finesse presentations, another thing will the 7wt with a floating and a intermediate sink be good enough to cover most bases?

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    The floating line alone will cover most bases. I wouldn't buy a sinking line specifically to bring over here.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    The floating line would be good on most options but when you fish the big rivers like the Tongariro or river mouths that flow into lakes you will need a fast sinking line or even better a shooting head.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    I did a ten day stint in the south island two years back. Mainly based ourselves in Athol. Awesome rivers around.

    1. Fish are REALLY hard to see
    2. Your casting has to be SPOT on.
    3. Fish are INSANELY spooky, tread very slowly and carefully.

    By February the fish are on edge big time after seeing so many fishermen over the season.

    I still managed some decent 6lb fish and I'm a tin-arse salt fisho.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Hi Bushwacker,

    Great trip ahead, I am envious of the thought of 4 weeks in NZ in February. I fish the Nelson Lakes district at the top of the South Island when I go to NZ.

    Usually guided with Zane Mirfin at Strike Adventure but there is plenty of accessible water and some great free camping sites along the way and Fish and Game have some great publications to help.

    You will be well served booking a day or 2 guiding if the budget permits (exchange rate is nice too atm) just to dial into local conditions, flies etc.

    there is an emerging sight fishery to Kings off the beach there too you may want to research, I haven't done it myself yet but some good video Vimeo I believe.

    I usually fish a 5W on streams and always WF5F lines both nymph in and the dry.

    Good luck, the average size should be a little better than Ebor. The big fish are accessible if you are prepared to walk past a lot of the more heavily fished waters.

    February is well into the season so the easy water will have ben fished hard, pack decent boots.


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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Hi Xtreme, cheers for that, talking about boots (I don't mind walking to find good fish) was just thinking I would wade in my hiking boots don't really want to buy wading boots just for the trip you reckon this be ok. Also I was only going to take my 7wt gl3 u reckon this is to heavy for the streams I could borrow my dads 6wt kilwel otherwise. Not just a fishing trip this one (unfortunately) was planning on having a decent go whenever possible, small creeks whatever really don't mind about the size of fish just want to catch some, thought about a guide but might be a bit out of budget I did work for the fella who owns stonefly lodge a long time ago maybe ill give him a call see if I can pull some strings..

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Hiking boots should be fine mate. I wet wade in summer too so no need for waders either. I do,wear gravel guards just to keep sand and grass seeds etc out of my boots.

    if it's a 7 you have, I'd use it and not worry too much. It won't affect nymphing, you will appreciate the extra grunt if you are swinging wet flies in the lakes and with a 12 ft tapered leader and a decent presentation you will probably not spook too many sight fished targets on the dry.

    You will appreciate the reduced weight of a lighter outfit than The 7w if you do multi day sessions But for a 1 off trip, I'd go with what you know.

    enjoy the trip.

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    Re: New Zealand advice wanted

    Have a great trip bushwhacker. Don't forget to post some of the highlights when you get back.
    I'm heading over to the South Island later in Feb and could use any info you pick up on your travels.

    IMHO NZ is the best self drive touring anywhere in the world. Another picture postcard around every bend. Good luck with your fishing as well.

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