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Thread: A few more pics of Moreton and Straddie from the air

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    Re: A few more pics of Moreton and Straddie from the air

    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post
    Someone is now posting images of Noosa Bar on the Fishing Noosa website using a drone, so getting a much better idea where to avoid.
    I think those photos I took of South Passage were at 2500ft. I have tried to take photo's at lower altitudes but you dont get the same view of the bars. I would be interested in seeing how the drone photo's compare (drone should not be operating above 400ft), might give me some ideas on how to get a decent shot at lower altitudes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    Not so much as a request, just a question.

    I went for a Tiger Moth joyflight last Sunday........ from Redcliffe. Amazing views over the water and out to Lake Samsonvale.

    All was going well until we did a loop and a roll.

    Instant nausea and headache. We landed about 11am ish.... and I drove straight home and laid down. Didn't recover until about 8pm. WTF ?????

    The open cockpit was great, just like riding a motorbike with open face helmet.

    Anyway..... any aerial shots would be good...... cheers
    I would have been at Redcliffe last Sunday, had I known you were there would have chased you up.

    I have flown a tiger moth, great plane. Dont have much time for that bloke at Redcliffe though. He is currently involved in an ATSB report regarding a runway incursion (again) at Redcliffe that I think he reported. I have had the prick enter the runway about 3-4 times now when I am about to land (which is illegal) forcing me to go around. Given his arrogance, next time he does it I am going to report it. Where did you do the loop and roll?

    Regarding the nausea, doing a turn like that you pull some g's on exit and blood leaves your head. Best I can do is about 2g in a 60 degree angle of bank turn. When I first started doing that I got dizzy, now I dont feel a thing. Not sure why it knocked you out for so long though. I am hoping to do some basic aerobatic training this year, maybe I will get some more info then.

    You will have to come for a spin with me some day Phill!

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    Re: A few more pics of Moreton and Straddie from the air

    No photo's today I am afraid. Bit to much precipitation.

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    Re: A few more pics of Moreton and Straddie from the air

    Gorgeous pics

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