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Thread: fish and prawn sausage..

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    fish and prawn sausage..

    Well its more of a roulade, but sausage seems like a better word.
    You need a food processor for this one.

    Firstly get 300g of green prawns with no shell, rough chop them and throw them in the food processor with a good pinch of salt, some lemon zest and turn it one for about 30 secs. then add and egg white and slowly add 150ml of runny cream slowly as well all whilst the processor is turned on.
    Scrap this mixture into a bowl and mix through some fine chopped parsley.
    This next trick is a must or it wont work. Get out the cling wrap and roll out around 30cm.. double then triple it over so you have a 30cm piece of clingwrap 3 layers deep (takes 10 secs)
    get out a piece of fish and place it on one side of the clingwrap and fold the other side on top of it.. Use a meat mallot, very carefully beat the fish till it is a few mm thick all over.
    spread the prawn mixture evenly over the top of the fish (mixture should be enough for a few of these) Loosely roll the fish into a "sausage" Get out the alfoil and tear of a good sheet. Spray it with cooking oil or use butter place the fish ontop and roll it up. While rolling hold the tag ends of the foil and roll it back n forth and it will turn into a perfect cylinder. Put it on a baking tray with a bit of water and bake at 180 for 15 minutes..
    When you unwrap it the prawn mix (called moussaline) will hold everything together and it tastes bloody good.
    Serve with white wine sauce or mayonnaise and is also good cold cut into slice on a sandwich with lettuce..
    Sounds a bit harder than it actually is to make

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    Re: fish and prawn sausage..

    Sounds delicious
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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    Re: fish and prawn sausage..

    Man that is some patience and skill to flatten a piece of fish haha. Any fish in particular that you have found work best?

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    Re: fish and prawn sausage..

    Most bits of fish will work well but if you have big thick fillets just cut them lengthwise to "thin them out a bit first.. it can kinda look a bit messy whilst you are preparing it but when its all rolled up and the prawn mixture sticks it all together it will come out pretty awesome.. If i had a choice as to what fish to use it would probably be based on its shape.. so dory, small gts, snapper etc works well.. flathead and sole fillets are obviously not..
    The other thing as well.. the prawn mousaline (mixture) is just a base.. you can add things to it like dices smoked salmon.. different herbs, chilli etc.. a layer of spinach will also put a really cool colour in the sausage when you cut it too.. The above was just a guide to be a bit creative

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    Re: fish and prawn sausage..

    Quote Originally Posted by -Shay- View Post
    Man that is some patience and skill to flatten a piece of fish haha. Any fish in particular that you have found work best?
    If you don't use the cling wrap tripled over its pretty much impossible, its why i emphasized it.. i know it sounds strange but it deffo works well

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