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Thread: cooking barracuda

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    cooking barracuda

    I work in Nauru, and I organised one of the local spearfishermen to get me some fish to bring home (5-6kg of it)
    Said he was going to get reef fish, ended up getting me a barracuda. I know its not recommended to eat them here, but they love them there. His words "yeah mate, better then Wahoo".
    He's eaten it and he laughed when I mentioned ciguetera......
    I googled eating barracuda and got everything from throw it away, to its delicious......
    How would you eat/cook barracuda? Or should I use it for crab bait?
    It's in chunks, big slabs of fish......

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    Re: cooking barracuda

    we don't eat it in Queensland mainly because it is ranked as one of the highest ciguatera risk fish and we are blessed with quality anyway
    but I do know guys who have eaten it and say it could fall among the mackerals as a table fish
    slice it in 6-8mm slabs dust with peppered flour and shallow fry till light brown each side squeeze a bit of lemon on it
    if it doesn't taste good use the rest as bait

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    Re: cooking barracuda

    Not worth the risk IMO.......ask someone that has had Cigutera before and I'm sure they will say the same.

    If you can turn it into some tasty crabs I'd do that.

    Confidence.......the feeling you get before you fully understand the situation.

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