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Thread: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

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    Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Hi Folks,
    Looking for some advice on tides and planning for Weipa next year in May/June.

    We're a party of two looking for light tackle spinning and flyfishing action. Tentative plan is splitting our time across fishing the beaches South down to Boyd bay and some offshore baitball action for Tuna, Trevs etc and of course the usual shipping lane markers.

    I can't seem to find a solid opinion on tides that would be best; maybe that's 'cause each of those activities requires something else?

    No names mentioned, but I've solicited opinion from local (demi-god) guides and still don't have a firm plan. Some say "a little bit of tide is good, but not too much" for the beaches. I read someone here on the forum saying Pennefather area is dead on the neaps.....

    Usually we like neaps for beaches/flats - you can stay a long time and water is clean, but I'm now having doubts about planning around this.

    Any advice or assitance appreciated.

    Cheers, Hank

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    5 years ago we went to Weipa as a group, all catered with Fish's Flyfishing Charters.
    There were about 10 of us in total, 4 of us only fly fished rest were dead and live baits.
    2 people and a guide per boat, fished for 8-10 hours per day and 6 days solid.
    The place we stayed had even a dedicated chef for our group.

    Action was unbelievable, I caught over 30 species of fish, hundreds of fish realised.

    Didn't care much about the tide as fish was caught constantly all times of the day, spotting and casting to most fish.

    All fish caught on White Clousers, get double than what you think is needed as they get destroyed very quickly.
    Caught countless mackerel, tuna, trevs, blue salmon, barra, jacks, etc.. all on this fly.
    Also caught a large Cobia cruising under a mantaray on fly, best memory of all.

    Keep a Chartreuse Clousers handy as well, caught a fish called Blue Bustard, apparently it is very hard to catch and holly grail for many flyfisherman because they only eat weed/grass and hard to catch. Very pretty fish but I wouldn't know any better if the guide wasn't there.

    One of the guide is called Notso, his name is Ben.
    Incredible spotter and best guide there at that time for flyfishing, try getting in touch with him.

    We fished the shores and inlets during the day, at noon headed offshore chasing the birds for boiling action.
    It was consistent every day.

    I would be back there again in no time, great part of this beautiful country.


    Max The Turk.

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Yep, Ben (Notso) Bright is a top bloke. He'd be the one to get on to.

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Cheers Max.
    What time of the year did you go?
    Fish is already booked the entire season 2015 except for first two weeks in April.

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Quote Originally Posted by Khoisan_X View Post
    Cheers Max.
    What time of the year did you go?
    Fish is already booked the entire season 2015 except for first two weeks in April.
    I cant remember exact month but it was late spring/early summer.

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Ok tks.
    We've finally settled for mid May and doing a 10 day trip so we'll have some good and less good tides.

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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    Well folks, I got back from Weipa just over two weeks back and it was absolutely sensational.
    We had a few days with tough tides and to make matters worse it was very windy forcing river fishing......not much happening there, and had it been beach fishing it might have been a different story.

    We had several days where it was perfect and had classic baitball action down Boyd and Pera way.

    You can read a full account if you go to my blog (check signature).

    I can highly recommend Weipa as a fishing destination so if you've not experienced this then start planning.


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    Re: Weipa in May/June - best tides?

    After 10 years of fishing Weipa in May it is clear that the big tides are best over Pine/Nominade way and neaps better towards Red Cliffs/Boyds and Pera. Also if you can get down to the flats out the front of the Norman is can be fantastic sight fishing in the shallows. Offshore/bait ball action is more weather dependant than tide dependant and beaches are best when you can get a high tide just on or after daylight.

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