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Thread: Trial run to post a photo

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    Trial run to post a photo

    Cherabin from The Flinders River. Plenty of Red Claw as well.

    Have fun Haji-Baba


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    Re: Trial run to post a photo

    They are damn nice sized cherabin, too good for bait!!

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    Re: Trial run to post a photo

    Yes Jack, they are too big for bait, and the bigger they get the tougher they are for eating.

    Got these off the bank in Opera pots. Same bait as Red Claw.

    There is a limit on numbers in possesion so you have to eat them quick.

    I tried a bit of fresh pork and the Reddies and the Cheribs loved it.

    Lost a pot to a croc so the meat idea was abandoned quite quickly.

    You need to watch your step a bit in those places.

    Have fun Haji-Baba

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