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    NPD Toga

    Took my 2 boys up to check the pots this morning and have a bit of a fish.
    Only managed 2 shrimp in the traps so i let the boys use them for bait. Wasn't long until Jordan's rod was seeing a bit of action so i set the hook and handed the rod back for him to land.It didn't take him long to hand the rod back,he said it was too hard.
    Once it hit the surface i almost sh!t myself. The rod i had in my hand was one by the boys at a AF Xmas M&G down at Vicy Point a few years back.A 6'6 surecatch outfitter with original line.With a little patience and not alot of drag it was in the net.
    A couple of quick pics on the phone and let loose to fight another day.Not the best of pics but the best my 9 yo could do with a smashed screen.
    Measured 63 cm

    Cheers Dazza
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    Re: NPD Toga

    nice toga dazz

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    Re: NPD Toga

    Very nice! I saw a giant toga in there landbased a while back just after all that rain. Must have been 90+ casually swam past me and another bloke as we scrambled for an appropriate lure. Of course it had dissapeared before either of us could get anything in front of it. Great catch. Ben

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