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Thread: Bream Bonanza!

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    Bream Bonanza!

    Launched at 5, headed along the pine chasing bream and flatties in my new Kayak.

    Was bloody amazing, the kayak I bought was very sturdy, not one criticism! (except how difficult it is to chuck a piss on a kayak)

    Worked a few different spots coming up with mixed results.
    Plenty of bream around, pulling in about 10 for the whole trip.
    At one stage I got a hat-trick with 3 bream in 3 casts at my ''secret spot''
    First cast of the day saw me land my PB at 33cm

    Along with the haul of bream, I pulled in about 8 flatties, 3 flounders and 2 Toadfish.
    Got most of them on Ecogear breamprawns (pink colour), aswell as majority of the flatties on gulp 2 inch banana prawn.

    Cracker of a day, really reccomend getting a kayak if your a landbased fisherman looking for a change but cant afford a boat!

    Boy its great to be back fishing again! Heading out again next weekend! Might give it a try further up for some bass! Stay tuned!


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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    What a fantastic first trip on the yak...hopefully there are a few around tomorrow morning, I'm thaking Trace's dad out and he is a mad keen angler but because Traces mum is pretty much an invalid these days and very dependant on him. he almost never gets out to fish. It'd be great to get him hooked onto a couple.

    ANyway, congrats on a great day's fishing, hope you have many more on your now "trusty and productive" yak excellent!!!

    Hmmm don;t recognise those palm trees but I think I've seen the ripples in the water somewhere before


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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    Good stuff mate!
    Looks like a nice haul

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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    Nice one,

    What Yak do you have? Thinking about getting one myself.


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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    I've got a viking tempo fisherman mate.
    I made a thread all about it the other day -


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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    Niiiice work jack ooh you must be loving that yak mate...good to see your back out and fishing again mate. And looking forward to more of your fishing adventures.


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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    Good onya Jacko

    Great to see you expanding your fishing horizons. You need to come up here one day for a fish mate!!

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    Re: Bream Bonanza!

    well done on the fish those tropical islands fish well for bream .lol

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